• KingoftheHi115

    mw3 weapon ideas

    March 11, 2011 by KingoftheHi115

    Assault rifles - m16a4, ak-47, g11, l85a2, f2000, scar h/l, fn fal,

    smgs - aug para, ak-74u, mpl, fn p90, mp5k-pdw,

    shotguns - aa-12, model 1887, spas-12, ranger,

    lmgs - rpd, aug hbar, m60e4, m240,

    pistols - m1911, colt anaconda, m9, desert egale,

    lanchers - javalin, rpg, m79 thumper, stinger,

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  • KingoftheHi115

    Form 4pm to 10pm london(times not promissed)

    Put names in your comments


    No box hogging

    Stay at owen windows

    Must have mic

    No noobs and no modders

    My gamertag KingoftheHi115

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