"I won't let you have my son."said Mr.Fontleon

"How dare you, this is an honor. Your son can be a hero for America."said General Gore
"Never." Mr.Fontleon replied and slammed the door in the general's face.

Throughout the night Mr.Fontleon had spent the night awake and sat down in his son's room. He awaited someone to try and capture his son who he had sent to the basement of the house to sleep in. A scream was heard and so he headed towards his bedroom and found his wife was dead. Blood was everywhere on the bed while her body was on an indent on the floor which her murderers caused by slamming her on it. So then Mr.Fontleon headed back to his son room and saw the room was torn up. And as soon as he left the room he proceeded to the basement. When he woke his son up he told him to go through the tunnels to his grandparents house across the city.

"DIE!" A random soldier shouted as he pointed his gun at Mr.Fontleon and shot him in his heart.
"DAD!" the son responded and and when the soldier approached him the son kicked him in the crotch and opened the door under the staircase and entered the tunnel.
When the soldier got back up he ran into the door and the son screamed "REVENGE IS MINE!" The soldier was shot in the head with 3 bucks shots from his father's trenchgun.


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