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    April 5, 2012 by Kratos2144

    The Consumerist, an all around consumer based blog website, recently launched a March Madness esque competition for users to vote on "The Worst Company In America" it came down to two companies, Bank of America and EA.

    4chan's /v/ board decided to 'rig' the votes in favor of EA winning and guess what, they won. They are now The Worst Company In America!

    In honor of this momentous occasion, /v/ is now titled

    "/v/ - Well-coordinated and extensively financed EA propaganda team beaten by a rag-tag group of /v/irgins run by a furry tripfag and a BR with 140 ping"

    And now plays The A-Team theme on all threads on /v/ and in the pinned thread linked abov…

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  • Kratos2144

    Call of Duty Bundle Idea

    December 6, 2011 by Kratos2144

    So I was recently lurking around the CoD4 and WaW forums and most if not all of the threads were people pissed off about the amount of hackers and/or modders in the two games.

    So I got to thinking, what if Activision just released a bundle pack with Call of Duty 4 and World at War with the DLCs and a patched Multiplayer? Now I realize people already own CoD4 and WaW but they could just patch those copies and have the bundle be a jumping off point to really sell the patch. It would probably go for about $50 or so and I think it would make a lot of loyal fans to the two games happy on top of the money from the bundle.

    I would like some of your opinions on this idea.

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  • Kratos2144

    This is just a list a came up with while bored. It's three tiers of 7 perks each. The names vary from different Modern Call of Duty games. In this "fictional" Call of Duty the max rank is Level 70 by the way. Oh, and no Death Streaks!

    1. Marathon - Unlocked at Level 1
    2. Recon - Unlocked at Level 5
    3. Assassin - Unlocked at Level 20
    4. Sleight of Hand - Unlocked at Level 25
    5. Stopping Power - Unlocked at Level 30
    6. Scavenger - Unlocked at Level 45
    7. Juggernaut - Unlocked at Level 65

    1. Marksman - Unlocked at Level 1
    2. Hardline - Unlocked at Level 10
    3. Hacker - Unlocked at Level 25
    4. Flak Jacket - Unlocked at Level 35
    5. Overkill - Unlocked at Level 35
    6. Steady Aim - Unlocked at Level 50
    7. Dead Silence - Unlocked at Level 60

    1. Lightweight - Unlocked at Level 1
    2. Stalker - Unlocked at Level 21
    3. I…

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  • Kratos2144

    Rezurrection is made up of mostly the four Classic Maps but I will review them on how well they were "revamped".

    Nacht der Untoten was the very first Zombies map and introduced a whole new world in Call of Duty. The revamped version includes Thundergun and Monkey Bombs which are included in every Classic Map and not just Der Riese. The one problem I had with it was the lack of perks. I know it's probably too much to ask for but I think they could have put them I but just didn't. I have a vision of where they would be placed, Quick Revive would be next to the Help Door in the spawn area, Double Tap would be near the Thompson in the Help Room, Juggernog would be near the Sniper Cabinet, and Speed Cola would be in the Stielhandgranates room.


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  • Kratos2144

    *Edit, the new update was released on 8/21/2011*

    *Edit, Express is pretty much a moshpit like gametype.*

    As posted by David Vanderhaar on the Call of Duty: Black Ops forum.

    A new update for Black Ops should be coming within the next few weeks. He did not set a specific date but he did say what it contained. The following is a copy and paste. To see the original click here.


    I am working on the following updates for the next major Playlist revision and need some feedback.

    30 second lobby timer; no game mode that has a respawn timer; small maps; No Ghost; No Second Chance allowed.

    Using the above basics, please confirm the fastest playing game modes and map combinations.

    Please express as such to make it easy for me to follow you:

    Nuketown; Dem

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