*Edit, the new update was released on 8/21/2011*

*Edit, Express is pretty much a moshpit like gametype.*

As posted by David Vanderhaar on the Call of Duty: Black Ops forum.

A new update for Black Ops should be coming within the next few weeks. He did not set a specific date but he did say what it contained. The following is a copy and paste. To see the original click here.


I am working on the following updates for the next major Playlist revision and need some feedback.


30 second lobby timer; no game mode that has a respawn timer; small maps; No Ghost; No Second Chance allowed.

Using the above basics, please confirm the fastest playing game modes and map combinations.

Please express as such to make it easy for me to follow you:

Nuketown; Dem

Nuketown; TDM

Firing Range; Sab

DLC Moshpit

Moshpit of game modes using only DLC maps.

In your opinion, what are the best playing game modes on DLC maps. For example, if you just love Domination on Drive-In, please express as:

Drive In; Dom

The first must be a DLC map, but can be any DLC from any of the 3 packs released so far, and it does not have to be all of them. If you are not a fan of CTF on Kowloon, then just don't include it in your list. It's not a problem.

DLC Hardcore Moshpit

For your Hardcore fans, the same as above only using hardcore game mode variants.

In your opinion, what are the best playing hardcore game modes using only DLC map variants. Just like the above, please express as a map and game mode combination. For example:

Kowloon; Hardcore SD

For these DLC moshpits, I really want the fan favorite combinations of maps and game modes.

I am also making changes to the Competition playlists, as well as the Hardcore category of playlists.

I am going to sticky the thread for 3 days and then lock it at the end of the week. We have to do this stuff far ahead of when you actually get to see it.

David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

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