Much like my last "Next Zombies Map Ideas" this is a blog post showcasing ideas I thought of.

The following is if it is going to take place in "Area 51".


Four new characters, if it's in Area 51 I would like to see four characters with affiliations with the original "Gang".Possibly ancestors of The Gang?


Starting Weapons

Off-Wall Weapons

Mystery Box Weapons

Power-Up Weapons




Unlike the past few maps this one will return Teleporting, not that free random teleporting in "Five" or that Pack-A-Punch teleporting in Kino der Toten but the Der Riese teleporting where you pay to escape.Teleporting in this map is also more risky where you can teleport to any of the other teleporters.If someone was to use the teleporter when you use it Samantha will laugh.Also instead of so many uses until you don't get Power-Ups it's completely random with the two least common being the M2 and Max Ammo and the two most common being Fire Sale and Carpenter.You could either get a power-up, nothing, or Gas Zombies.


Easter Egg

Once again you must help The Gang escape.Once you help them The Doc no longer appears.


  • The Thompson returns replacing the MPL.
  • The Skorpion, KS-23, AK-47, C4, and Karambit Knife make their Zombies debut.
  • C4 is a little bit stronger than the Claymore.
  • The PPSh-41 will be nearly exactly the same as it's World at War version except for a Black Ops esque upgraded look.
  • The M2 Flamethrower power-up is extremely powerful and just as is strong as the Death Machine unlike it's World at War version.
  • The M2 Flamethrower's pick-up icon is fiery red with the weapon inside of the flames.
  • There are two new Secondary Grenades, Incendiary Grenades and Electron Grenades.
  • Incendiary Grenades when exploded burst into flames as powerful as a Fire Trap or the Naplalm Zombie fire.It also sticks to Zombies like a Semtex.
  • Electron Grenades conduct electricity and acts like the Wunderwaffe DG-2 killing all Zombies near it.It does not stick to Zombies.
  • If you throw an Incendiary near a teammate he will not be damged although you will be affected if you do not have PhD Flopper.
  • Unlike M67s, Electron's explosion timer does not start until you throw it.
  • The new perk, MartyrDew, creates a powerful explosion when downed killing off every Zombie near you but leaving the rest on the map.Also all kills while down are Insta-Kills.
  • The new perks color is Yellow.
  • The kills from MartyrDew does not count as kills nor does the player receive points.
  • MartyrDew's effect is changed in Solo play to rather than just killing Zombies nearby to killing all Zombies on the map but they respawn within seconds giving the player some time to regain their perks.Much like Revive it can only be bought three times.
  • The "Unidentified Alien Weapon" locks on to Zombies when ADS at them and can lock onto 5 Zombies at once.
  • If you hipfire The Alien weapon it fires all shots at once.
  • The Alien weapon fires 115 causing the Zombies to explode into flames much like that of the Napalm Zombie.
  • Upgraded The Alien weapon is stronger and has more ammo but its rounds per clip stays at 5.
  • The Doc walks around until shot then screams much like George A. Romero and kneels down, when he screams Zombie clones of Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo are spawned out of him.
  • Zombie Dempsey runs as fast as you and can kill you in three hits.
  • Zombie Nikolai steals your one of your guns much like the Pentagon Thief but isn't as fast as you.
  • Zombie Takeo walks slowly towards your perk machines and steals them much like the Space Monkeys.
  • Dempsey goes after whoever is nearest to him and / or isn't downed.
  • Once Nikolai steals a gun from each player he then roams the map until The Doc leaves.
  • Once you kill each of the Zombified Gang you recieve a Max Ammo and a Fire Sale.
  • When you kill one of The Clones and / or The Doc, they disappear into thin air.
  • If you manage to kill The Doc instead of The Gang you recieve a Max Ammo and a Random Perk Bottle.
  • If you manage to kill The Gang without them taking anything / downing anyone you recieve a Max Ammo, Bonfire Sale, and a Random Perk Bottle.
  • When The Doc shoots out clones of The Gang you can hear them say "Help!" and other things.

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