Rezurrection is made up of mostly the four Classic Maps but I will review them on how well they were "revamped".

Nacht der Untoten

Nacht der Untoten was the very first Zombies map and introduced a whole new world in Call of Duty. The revamped version includes Thundergun and Monkey Bombs which are included in every Classic Map and not just Der Riese. The one problem I had with it was the lack of perks. I know it's probably too much to ask for but I think they could have put them I but just didn't. I have a vision of where they would be placed, Quick Revive would be next to the Help Door in the spawn area, Double Tap would be near the Thompson in the Help Room, Juggernog would be near the Sniper Cabinet, and Speed Cola would be in the Stielhandgranates room.

Review - 7.5/10


Verruckt was one of the most revolutionary maps with the introduction of the moving Mystery Box , Perk-A-Cola, and Power. The revamped version includes Winter's Howl which is probably the worst Wonder Weapon and of course Monkey Bombs. It's a map which appeals to both campers and lone wolves.

Review - 8.75/10

Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa also introduced new things, the first Wonder Weapon(excluding Raygun), the first Boss Round, and the first map to have different Perk-a-Cola locations every game. The gameplay mostly focuses on running around more than camping.One strategy in particular, outside of the Comm Room, is probably the easiest strategy in any map to date but the lack of Pack-A-Punch does make the strat that much harder. The most notable change is to the M1819 Trenchgun. It is no longer a one or two shot kill to dogs on any round which makes for very interesting high rounds.

Review - 8/10

Der Riese

Der Riese, my favorite map to date. It introduced Monkey Bombs, Bowie Knife, and Pack-A-Punch. Three things which are still used in Black Ops maps. The revamped version doesn't have much of a change. The three gun glitch is patched as well as the teleporter one. Like Verruckt, any type of player can do well from camping at the catwalk to running circles in the Thompson room.

Review - 9/10


Moon is the final chapter in the Zombies story and it goes out with a bang, if you know what I mean. It has a new Wonder Weapon and a new secondary grenade which gives you something random. If you obtain the new secondary I recommend trading it out for Gersch Device which also returns. A new equipment called Hacker allows you to do multiple things from re rolling the Myster Box to discrading an unwanted Perk. There are some annoying parts to the map as well. The teleporter brings you back to Area 51 where Juggernog/Speed Cola and Pack-A-Punch is. The only way to activate it is if every player is on it so if one person is being an ass you're pretty much fucked causing frustration. Another annoying part is the Excavators which crush a part of the map until you Hack it, this wouldn't be so bad if it would go away after 1 or two rounds instead of being a manual deactivation. But there were some things that seemed to have been cut at the last second like the M2 Flamethrower. It was seen in the Inside Xbox preview. Another thing is the PPSh-41 was suppose to also make an appearance as well, maybe they decided to not add any WaW weapons at all?

Review - 8/10

Rezurrection Overall

Rezurrection is probably the only Map Pack worth the $15 dollars, and for the people with the Hardened/Prestige editions it's free! You get four of the best maps to date along with the grand finale. Sounds pretty good to me. If you're a Zombies fan at all I recommend this Pack highly.

Overall Revew - 9/10

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