The next Zombies map is inevitable but there's some things I would like to see that other maps quite didn't get.

The following is if it is going to take place in "Paradise".


I want The Gang back (Dempsey ,Nikolai ,Takeo ,and Richtofen) but they are most likely going to return as hinted in Call of the Dead.


Starting Weapons

Off-Wall Weapons

Mystery Box Weapons

Power-Up Weapons




Unlike the past few maps this one will return Teleporting, not that free random teleporting in "Five" or that Pack-A-Punch teleporting in Kino der Toten but the Der Riese teleporting where you pay to escape.The things shown when teleporting will also return like in Der Riese but will include new ones like George Romero, Wunderwaffe DG-2, Thundergun, JFK, etc.

Easter Egg Song

The Easter Egg song isn't a single song it is a Jukebox that when activated plays one song out of 5 which are Undone , Lullaby for a Dead Man , The One , Beauty of Annihilation , or 115.Then the player(s) must activate one other Jukebox that appears once the next random song selected ends, you must find the next Jukebox after the random song ends to play the next.Abracadavre and a new Zombies song are the only ones that aren't random and are played last.Once the final Zombies song ends a message from a character from the Zombies story is played.


The Zombies will not be the only ones you will have to get through to escape this Apocalypse Paradise a "Thief" like Boss will be the enemy for every boss round but instead of just taking your guns he will use them against you he has a 60% chance of attacking Richtofen and 13.3% chance of attacking Dempsey , Nikolai , and Takeo each.Once he steals someones gun he then procedes to attack that person, once he downs that person he runs into a teleporter and comes back empty handed for a new victim.You obtain Bonfire Sale if nobody loses a weapon, you obtain Random Perk Bottle if nobody is downed.You can get both at once along with a Max Ammo regardless of if anyone loses a weapon or gets downed.The only way he won't down someone is if that person deals enough damage to make him leave, only the person he's attacking can deal damage.Much like Der Riese, Hellhounds will be an enemy along side Zombies during non-boss rounds.

Achievement / Trophy Ideas

"Anorexia Perkosa" - Successfully vomit out all perks before Round 10. 45g / Silver

"The Bullet is Mightier Than the Sword" - Kill a Zombie with the bullet from Scavenger. 40g / Silver

"Must Resist..." - Survive to Round 25 without purchasing Amm-O-Matic or Stopping Powerade. 35g / Bronze

"Frequent Flyer 2.0" - Use a Teleporter 16 times in one game. 25g / Bronze

"Stopping-O-Matic" - Obtain Amm-O-Matic and Stopping Powerade at once in a single game. 25g / Bronze


  • The Skorpion is one of the four "new to Zombies" weapons and it's Pack-A-Punched version is named "Silurian and Stinger" and is dual-wield.
  • The AK-47 is one of the four "new to Zombies" weapons and it's Pack-A-Punched version is undecided but will have the Flamethrower attachment.
  • The Kiparis is one of the four "new to Zombies" weapons and it's Pack-A-Punched version is undecided.
  • The KS-23 is one of the four "new to Zombies" weapons it's Pack-A-Punched version is undecided.
  • The Bowie Knife will look significantly different as it will not have the blood stain and will have some rust as if it hasn't been used in a while.
  • Amm-O-Matic will give you two entire clips of ammo every other round, if your clip isn't reloaded you will get the total amount of two clips.The Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, Raygun, and Scavenger will receive less than two clips.The Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, and Scavenger receives one shot and the Raygun only receives one clip.
  • Amm-O-Matic's machine is oval shaped.
  • Amm-O-Matic's machine colors are dark blue and a purplish blue.
  • Stopping Powerade is obviously a mimic of the popular sports drink.
  • Stopping Powerade makes all guns 20% more powerful.
  • Stopping Powerade's machine design is much like that of a beverage cooler with a door to see the drinks inside.
  • Stopping Powerade's machine colors are shades of white and drink color is a white.
  • Stopping Powerade's emblem is a bullet with smoke and fire rushing out of it.
  • HK21 and RPK only obtain half of a clip every other round from Amm-O-Matic.
  • The "Thief" in this map acts nearly exactly like the Pentagon Thief except he looks different and goes after Richtofen first 60% of the time then a random player.
  • Because of the option of buying Amm-O-Matic Max Ammo's rarity may be more or less equivalent to Death Machine.
  • The new Power-Up I added is an idea for a new power-up and not official.* What the new power-up does is randomly selects a power-up except Random Perk Bottle and Bonfire Sale.It's icon is a question mark.The Demonic Announcer says "Power-Up" instead of whichever random power-up you get.It's rarity is equivalent to Fire Sale.
  • Unlike every other map it is possible to rid a perk you don't want/need anymore for another one by hitting the action button on the perk you want to get rid of.Your character then procedes to place his finger down his throat then vomits out onto the machine.The character then says something witty like.
"Now that it's gone I kind of miss it...NOT"
— Dempsey after vomiting Quick Revive
  • The Gang will have somewhat new looks than any other map much like Richtofen's spacesuit in Ascension.

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