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Shangri-La and Annihilation Trailer Scans

The new Annihilation trailer was released yesterday and here are my scans.Tell me if I missed anything. *2:14 Pack-A-Punch

  • 2:19 Random Power-Up Golem and Carpenter Power-Up
  • 2:23 Trap and AK-74u
  • 2:25 Takeo
  • 2:26 Negative Traps and Nikolai wielding Olympia
  • 2:28 Richtofen riding a Mine Cart
  • 2:36 Dempsey wielding an M1911
  • 2:37 Richtofen wielding an M16
  • 2:40 Burnt Zombie
  • 2:47 A Golem like creature, an Eclipsed Moon, and Mystery Box light.

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