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  • Krazykill9

    MW3 VS BF3 Wildcard!

    September 10, 2011 by Krazykill9

    As a Lot of You know People are getting Boner's over MW3 and BF3 saying which will be better. Well you forgot about somebody... Gears of War 3!!!! The finale of the saga has been shadowed by MW3 and BF3. Which is Bullshit! This Game Franchise is Epic! Great Campaign, Nice Multiplayer Options and Great Graphics. The game will be Released this Month on the 20th Tuesday. And i highly Recommend you guys to get .

    Brothers Till the End.....

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  • Krazykill9

    As you all know Treyarch has announced a final Map package called Rezurrection which is a all Zombies map pack (finally!). Which features The maps Moon, Night, Asylum, Swamp and Factory. Moon is the newest and final installment of the Epic Zombie saga. Night, Asylum, Swamp and Factory are remastered Versions of the original Zombie maps from World at War. Overall from my opinions and what i've seem this will be the best map pack of all. If your a big Zombie fan. What do you think of Rezurrection. Leave a comment.But.....................NO SPAM!!!!!!!

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  • Krazykill9

    Retaliation RUMORS

    July 20, 2011 by Krazykill9

    There are rumors of a fourth map pack named Retaliation featuring maps such as Mansion : Castro's secret compound in cuba. Cargo : A frozen shipping center in Greenland. Metro : A urban city in Vietnam. Harbor : A abandoned shipyard in America. And finally a rumored Zombie map called Quarantine set to be in Area 51. Personally i would not be suprised if Treyarch decided to pump out a final map pack before MW3, But there is no pictures, videos or any proof of this map pack. please leave a comment of your thoughts, opinions or any other proof of Retaliation.

    F.irst strike




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