Seeing that people are arguing over which game is better, MW2 or Black Ops, I've decided to make a blog comparing the two so they can be discussed here instead of on blogs where it is irrelevant to the topic. I'm giving my opinions on these. I'll go through them part by part. Whether or not you like the games is a personal preference.


Both games use the same weapons classes, with the exception of the Specials for Black Ops. What gets me about Black Ops is that there's a good amount of weapons that are identical in damage output, which lowers the diversity of the weapons class. MW2 never had this, except for weapons that were very similar (M4A1, ACR and Mini-Uzi, P90). For the most part weapons were unique. There are 9 SMGs in Black Ops, but only 3 unique SMGs (MP5k and AK74u, Skorpion, and the rest).

With assault rifles, there is more diversity, but the Famas and AUG, the FAL and M14, the Commando, AK-47 and Galil are identical in their own group. For the Famas and the AUG being "overpowered" I think a damage decrease could work, as they would have low damage but a devastating rate of fire. Galil could use some more recoil to balance the larger clip. MW2 once again had more diversity, but the complaining was high for the ACR and the TAR-21. I never used the ACR, its recoil was too disorienting (it bounced back towards you). The SCAR-H was like an MP40, but I felt it was balanced due to low ammo.

For LMGs, I felt they were balanced well in MW2, and even in Black Ops. In BO, the RPK and HK21 are identical in damage output, but the RPK has a larger mag and more recoil. I feel those two are balanced. The M60 is the only "classic" LMG with the 100 round clip, and it has the same damage as the MP40, but with better range and more ammo. The Stoner63 is insane when equipped with the 60 round extended mag. This weapon has the same damage as the Famas and AUG, but no drop off over range. Definitely better than the aforementioned assault rifles.

Sniper Rifles aren't plentiful, but you can't really have much diversity with them. Usually they come as high-powered bolt-action, or low-powered semi-automatic. Compared to the Intervention, the .50 Cal is better in all aspects, beating it in rate of fire, sway and ammo. WA2000 is good if you don't want to use Stopping Power, and the M21 EBR is the spammer's weapon of choice. Black Ops has the .50 Cal-esque rifle, the PSG-1, which somehow loses some damage when it equips an attachment. L96A1 is pretty much like the Intervention, but with massive recoil. As for the WA2000 and Dragunov, the WA2000 has lower recoil, while the Dragunov has a larger clip and more ammo (24 vs. 40) but with more recoil and a reticle many players dislike (I personally love it).

Pistols got a nice damage decrease for Black Ops (well what do you expect, they're secondaries). As such, using them at long range (or even mid range) isn't a capital idea. The ASP, Makarov and M1911 are identical, but the ASP has a higher fire cap, resulting in higher damage output. The Python is an impressive close range weapon, that is all. CZ75 has the same damage but better range than the ASP, Makarov and M1911, but damage is reduced when equipping full-auto (which happens to fire slower than the semi-automatic fire cap, and making it the worst automatic weapon in the game). Pistols in MW2 weren't very diverse, either.

Shotguns in MW2 were more diverse and powerful than Black Ops, they were good enough to be primaries. Black Ops has a more limited selection of shotguns, with less power than MW2's. Considering the shotguns' lack of power in Black Ops, a more suitable choice (in my opinion) is the Masterkey.

Launchers are pretty much the same, MW2 has the Javelin though while BO has the China Lake.

Frag grenades are almost always passed up in favour of the Semtex, making Flak Jacket Pro near impossible to obtain.

Black Ops's tactical grenades are more plentiful than MW2's, although Nova Gas rarely ever kills (balanced due to the effects caused to the target).


Ok, enough of weapons.

MW2 featured a well-balanced selection of perks. Unlike in Black Ops, you didn't see everyone using SoH because they would have Marathon, Scavenger and Bling to choose from. In Tier 2, there were good perks there, but everyone used Stopping Power, though if you wanted one of the other awesome perks, you had to give up Stopping Power. As such, there weren't many Cold-Blooded, Danger Close, Hardline or Lightweight users. Though I didn't like everyone using Stopping Power, if you remove it you get the perk system in Black Ops. Tier 3 was well-rounded there too.

Black Ops has a different style of perk selection. Due to the absence of Stopping Power, some perks were moved around and stuff. Tier 1 features the infamous Ghost (which happens to be weaker than Cold-Blooded). I play Domination, and I see a good number of the Tier 1 perks being used, with low amounts of Flak Jacket users, and Ghost users are uncommon. When I played a TDM, I noticed a much larger amount of Ghost campers. On to Tier 2, SoH rules this one. For the most part, the other perks don't compete with SoH. While the other perks can be seen as situational, SoH has a more general purpose, which is why it's so popular. Tier 3 is fine in my opinion. Second Chance competes with and subsequently loses to the other perks.

Yes Commando was absolutely rage-inducing, combined with the Tactical Knife and Marathon Lightweight. So was OMA DC noob-tubing. I don't know what the developers were thinking when they put in Commando, but it was obviously intended. OMA had good intentions, switching your class without spawning, good when you're in SnD or when you have a good Killstreak going. However, it was exploited for noob tubes. In one patch, they increased the switch time when switching to the same class consecutively. It's clear OMA DC tubing was not intended, but MLC knifing was.

Wings of Redemption fans agree with him saying Ghost should be moved to Tier 2, where it would compete with SoH. That works in theory; it won't be long before rushers combine Ghost with Lightweight and Marathon. Run fast, run forever and stay undetected. Brilliant. DO IT TREYARCH No, please don't. Don't complain about Second Chance, Treyarch made it so your kill isn't stolen.

Black Ops perk challenges are slightly mentally challenged <-- what a retard. Who shoots a guy, stops to reload, and resumes shooting?

I see what Treyarch tried to do with the perks deciding your appearance. They said that you would see what perk the enemy was using and how to engage him. What first tier perk the enemy is using does not change the fact that he will shoot you on sight. Previous CoDs using the weapon to determine appearance is actually better suited to this. Only Flak Jacket makes players reexamine their strategy by not spamming explosives.


Let's just jump into this one.

  • Underbarrels cannot be resupplied, or used with Warlord. Treyarch wants you to feel like you're giving something up when you use one. Whether you do or don't is up to you. Switch time to the GL seems to be longer in Black Ops. Masterkey is brilliant. Flamethrower is a lot of fun.
    • GL on the AK74u is a little screwy. I know it's an assault rifle in real life but the AUG doesn't shoot that fast in real life either. Give it more recoil?
  • Dual Mags is a good attachment, but people still use them with Scavenger and/or SoH, the perks it somewhat replaces.
  • Thermal was a hated attachment by players killed by snipers using it Use Cold-Blooded for superb results. IR may be more balanced, but then again, there's hardly any snipers, real ones or otherwise *cough*OpTiC Nation*cough*.
  • Extended Mags: I don't think it was a good idea to let players just buy the hardest attachment to unlock in MW2.


Both games have awesome Killstreaks. Only problem is that the Chopper Gunner is overpowered. Everyone who gets the Chopper Gunner will spam that shit like no tomorrow. Give it an overheat. Same goes for Gunship. AC-130 beats all


More sniper spots plox.

Yeah that should be all I'm gonna write for now.

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