A recent post on the Official Call of Duty Forums by Treyarch's David Vonderhaar shows that Treyarch is considering some changes on the Second Chance perk for a future patch. Note that they are considering, and while changes may be likely, we cannot guarantee any changes.

A summary of things Vonderhaar talks about:

  • Giving full kill credit the the player who puts the enemy into Second Chance, and Assist credit to the player who finishes him off.
  • Only allowing the player to be revived once.
  • Increasing the revive time.
  • The "invincibility period" a player gains when dropping is not being changed or removed. Although some players find this as "cheap," reducing or removing this mechanic will be unfair to the Second Chance user.
  • RC-XD damage and blast radius and speed.
  • No Knife or Sniper Rifle changes planned; Treyarch is happy with what is present.

Besides these, Vonderhaar announced that the AK-74u's Grip attachment has been slightly "de-tuned."

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