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LW556DCJ November 29, 2009 User blog:LW556DCJ

First Blog ever! Alright, I don't want to seem self-centered, but what are your guys opinion of me. Also, does this multiplayer class seem noob-like?

Primary: AK-47(Bling) with Suppresor and Shotgun.

Secondary: M93 Raffica with Holographic.(I don't realy use this, because it is just for looks, I like the stock looking like an antenna on my back)

Equipment:Throwing Knife(I like twirling around my real throwing knife, it is a K-Bar)

Perk 1:Bling Pro

Perk 2:Cold-blooded Pro

Perk 3:Ninja Pro

I don't camp, I just keep moving, and blasting anyone I see. I play mostly Team deathmatch on Skidrow, and I got my first nuk there.

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