Ok. How do I put this? I've been freaking out over the past few weeks and not quite been myself. It feels strange and depressing, and I suspect it's got to do something with my life's purpose currently focusing on the internet and video games. This not only means weird and mixed feelings when not looking at the computer's screen, but my school process has started to cripple even further. I've decided now to take a small break (not absolute, but a huge improvement) off the internet, including from here.

I'll most likely at least check on every once anonymously in a while, but don't expect any major activities from me for, say, at least two or three weeks. It's also that I feel my work here has become too repetitive, and honestly speaking unappreciated. I like to hang out here, but as of now it seems what first started as a small activity is now a mandate job to do at least daily.

So yeah, I guess I'll see you in April at least. I hope I can get my mentality right up to that point. Oh, and if I'm not sooner, I'd like to note that April 6 will be the 3rd anniversary of me joining the wiki. So thanks to everyone.

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