Hi, so as it stands, today it's my 16th birthday, and it's been actively a part of the community for approximately 17 months, starting as a 14-year-old severely depressed gamer, ending as a trusted member of an important community. And with "ending" I don't mean it's the end. I'm not leaving.

When I first came to this wiki, it was just to get know more of MW2, less than a month after I started my CoD career on March 14, 2011. I decided to make an account (and I don't remember being anonymous here before that either), named the same as the account I for whatever reason made to GameBattles the same evening, reflecting my poor performance in MLG playlists in Halo 3. Then I bumped into a blog about the RAMIREZ!-meme, as you could see in my very earliest contributions. There was my first edit, being a bad comment about my lack of sleep. Mostly.

Then, months passed, I sometimes came for information here, and edited if needed. I first participated in community discussions as to vote for M1911 for the featured article, I think it was in April 2011. There it started. A stream of my activity that, barring a few breaks reasons being either disinterest or lack of internet, always continued, and will continue for as long as my life, Wikia or internet permits.

As I mentioned, I was depressed during the time I started to be a part of the community, because of lack of trust from my friends (which led to months of no-friends loneliness) and some other facts that didn't cheer up my life, including bad success at school. I had suicidal tendencies. When I felt I was accepted here and people would listen to me and appreciate what I said (most of the times, at least), it cheered me up, and I gave up on thinking of suicide. So, it's possible that this wiki and its community (what it consisted of those times) saved my life.

While the community changes, people come and people go (though some stay indefinitely), it will always stay as awesome as it has been. These people are one of the nicest and most intelligent people I've seen in my life, and most likely what I will see. If there is a flamewar, they can go and settle it down instead of pouring gasoline in it. If there's a troll, they don't go cuss at him and rage about what he's said and done, but instead they take a cool attitude, ignore his attempts to "u mad" and probably block him.

I feel like I've written enough to show that I love you people, and it feels good to be a part of such a good community. I write this from what I can gather, if it sounds strange and poorly planned, then it does, but it comes from the bottom of my heart (cheesy).

TL;DR: Thank you for making this wiki and its community a better place, whoever you are.

--MLGisNot4Me talk

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