Please note that some of the following is opinionated.

With Ghosts coming up and Battlefield 4 rivaling it, both sales and fanbase wise, I've slightly come to the realization that Call of Duty is gonna run out of its currently undeniable fame should it go on like it now does. This is because it looks like the series is starting to try become more like its rival, evident by the improved graphics, dynamic and destructible environment and a more large-scale approach. While it's good to see innovation and progress on CoD's part, I frankly do not think this is how the series should go onward.

I see Call of Duty as a rather fast-paced arcade game. Taking Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops as an example, it's far from such a large-scale battle that Battlefield offers. It's a game you pick up to have a bit of fun with simple rules; you have a gun and you kill people with it. And preferably also play the objective. What it seems like though is that Ghosts is going to beat that approach with a stick and make it that the one who is more dedicated outside of the game wins, what with all the bullcrap with the Elite and mobile apps, so if you have the money to get all the equipment you'll have an advantage (kinda similar to the Doritos/Mountain Dew campaign for Modern Warfare 3 which gave you an easier time in the game if you happened to live in North America and have money and health to burn).

I'm not saying that way in itself is bad, either. However, I grew to love CoD for such simplistic and noob-friendly, and yet fun features, which is something like a crossover of Counter-Strike and Halo that doesn't specifically reward the aim king or the one with the knowledge, but rather the one with better reflexes and common sense. It's now trying to be something it isn't, and when there are games out there that do it better, CoD isn't gonna be the winner. If I want to play an epic match of multiplayer with one of the best graphics available, I'll play Battlefield. If I want to play something just for fun, I'll play Call of Duty (or Counter-Strike, unlikely though because I suck at it). Not something in between those two. (Relevant: a video my friend linked to me.)

So basically what I'm saying is CoD should take a step back, return to its roots and be the type of game it used to be a few years ago. I don't need destruction or support for clan features, those are not CoD's premises.

If you managed to read all this (if anyone even is reading this) without confusion, good, because I didn't look back to what I wrote and I'm half-drunk. This is just my opinion though, I'm not saying CoD has to do it or I'll go throw a rock at Vonderhaar's face, just that I think this is what they should do, and if they'll keep going like this Activision can do without my monetary or spiritual support.

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