Landa 47

  • I live in Texas
  • I am Male
  • Landa 47

    Zombie perks

    Deep pockets: increases your guns reserve ammunition. Cost 2500

    Napalm flopper: same thing as PhD flopper except it leaves napalm in the ground that only zombies are affected. Cost 2000.

    Marksman: weapons damage is not lost in range and weapon range is increased. Cost 1000.

    Deadly throw: grenades blow up on impact. Cost 1000.

    Perkaholic: let's you buy more than 4 perks and is permanent. Cost 4000.

    Multiplayer perks

    Stab proof: Melee weapon damage is decreased by 50%.

    Steady aim: weapons recoil is reduced.

    Bomb specialist: explosive radius are increased for explosives.

    Helmet head: damage by headshot is decreased.

    Napalmer: you are given special grenades that drop napalm when thrown.

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