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  • Lasifer

    House of the Future is a medium sized map just a little bit smaller than Kino Der Toten. The players spawn right in front of a window in the living room with the regular four windows. Although, one of the windows needs Bounce-Up Beer to rebuild. Like other zombie maps, the M14 and Olympia are up for buy. Along with three doors to open, The Garage door, Dinning Room door, and a door to open up the stairs. When up stairs, There are four doors to buy. Two bedrooms great for sniping, A bedroom to lead to the Sniper Roof, and a ladder way to the attic, another great sniping spot and where the power switch is.

    This map is alot about sniping, it even brings back the sniper cabnit. If you dont like sniping, its best to stay on the ground floor or cove…

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  • Lasifer

    Retaliation Map Pack?

    May 12, 2011 by Lasifer

    Next Map Pack may be called Retalitation? I downloaded the Escalation Map Pack and went to my downloads to delete some stuff. It said instead of Escalation, Retaliation. Escalation means the phenomenon of something getting more intense step by step, the word was also popularized during the cold war, which is the time black ops takes place. See wikipedia for more info on that. The definition of Retalitation is Revenge, a perfect name for a Map Pack. This also happened for Halo Reach's Noble Map Pack, During a update for that game, The Words Noble Map Pack were found and new achievements were aswell. Could it be the same for Call of Duty? It is possible that some of the recentley found deleted maps could be included. The Temple of Doom delet…

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  • Lasifer

    Assault map pack

    March 9, 2011 by Lasifer

    Lasmoore here, gonna give you some ideas for maps. Please put your thoughts in the comment section BELOW

    Map 1: Rescue: A Small sized map. One is the SOG the other, NVA. The SOG starts off in a small base next to a sniper tower. Its across from the main section of the map and is taller, but not wider. Ater you exit the front side of the base there will be a zipline that you must zipline across to get to the main section. The NVA spawn in a larger base on the main section. Exiting the back side leads you to some stairs and to one of the 4 entrances into the cavern. Also, if you exit the backside of the SOG base, you can climb up into a sniper tower And while you are on the zipline, you may notice a entrance to the cavern. At the right timing…

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  • Lasifer

    Map Reviews

    November 27, 2010 by Lasifer

    This page is for my opinon on maps. Will add more soon.

    Map: Nuketown

    Nuketown is a very addicting and small multiplayer map. It is known for its easter eggs, Spawn points, and the conflict between the two "Houses". The map is very popular with many players and Annoying to others. Mostly because it can get boring after playing on it to much. Most of the spawn points are known to some players. This map has a high amount of spawn kills. Which can get annoying to most players. Alot of players like for its Design, Texture, and camping spots. The map is overall a fun map but gets boring after awhile. Earning it a 7/10.

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  • Lasifer

    I think that the packs could work like this: You get a Three Chapter mini-campaign, three multiplayer maps, A new weapon, New grenade, and one new zombie map. The campaigns can be finding woods. How Mason meant Hudson and/or Weaver. And the assassination of JFK. A new grenade can be the Bouncing Bettie or Molotov. The new zombie level would be unlocked by completing the campaign.

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