Next Map Pack may be called Retalitation? I downloaded the Escalation Map Pack and went to my downloads to delete some stuff. It said instead of Escalation, Retaliation. Escalation means the phenomenon of something getting more intense step by step, the word was also popularized during the cold war, which is the time black ops takes place. See wikipedia for more info on that. The definition of Retalitation is Revenge, a perfect name for a Map Pack. This also happened for Halo Reach's Noble Map Pack, During a update for that game, The Words Noble Map Pack were found and new achievements were aswell. Could it be the same for Call of Duty? It is possible that some of the recentley found deleted maps could be included. The Temple of Doom deleted map could act as the "Paradise" the zombie characters were sent to in Call of the Dead. What do think of it?

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