Lasmoore here, gonna give you some ideas for maps. Please put your thoughts in the comment section BELOW

Map 1: Rescue: A Small sized map. One is the SOG the other, NVA. The SOG starts off in a small base next to a sniper tower. Its across from the main section of the map and is taller, but not wider. Ater you exit the front side of the base there will be a zipline that you must zipline across to get to the main section. The NVA spawn in a larger base on the main section. Exiting the back side leads you to some stairs and to one of the 4 entrances into the cavern. Also, if you exit the backside of the SOG base, you can climb up into a sniper tower And while you are on the zipline, you may notice a entrance to the cavern. At the right timing you can jump and land on the entrance. Across from the sniper tower, there is another sniper tower. To get that tower, you must cross a bridge from the main section to a small section with the other tower. When on that section, there is another zipline leading to the cavern. Right across from NVA base, there is a mountian ledge. To get on the ledge you must go by the bridge and find a hill to get aboard the ledge. When on the ledge you can go across it and then turn and find the fourth entrance to the cave. Lastly, in the cave it is dark. there is also RC tunnels to reach the NVA base are go through the tunnel more. That is Rescue. tell me what think.

Map 2: Nation: A Medium. You spawn across from the enemy team on mountian ledge. When going up the ledge(s) there is a rooftop of a large NVA building. You can jump off the roof and enter the building. on each side of the building there are stairs to the second floor. you can find rooms for campers and paintings of political NVA figures. Yes, it is a political building. in the center there is a Heavy machine gun for players to use. And that is Nation. SOG vs NVA.

Map 3: Infield: A football Stadium. Large Map. Players spawn in the locker rooms. The field is filled with trash, chairs, and couches. When going to the entrance from the parking lot, you'll find you cant exit the stadium. But you'll find that the entrance to beneath the stadium. You can go through the maze like basement and kill. I should also metion that you are able to go into the bleachers and that the score is posted up on the score board. In the locker rooms the Black Ops team will be the Eagles and Spetnaz will be the Golden Hammers.

Map 4: Poolhouse: A small map. Poolhouse is well, A Poolhouse. A very grassy area. You can find hidden spots were people may not notice you. Its best to have Ghost on this map to blend in. The gate to the pool area is open and you are able to swim with a knife and can throw grenades. Other wise not much to it. Black Ops vs Spetnaz.

Zombie Map: Slots in Russian. Second Soviet Zombie map. Story: After Acension, The Crew found a secret Lunar Lander and used it to fly off the base. But of course, it ran out fuel. The crew used parachutes and the Lander crashed through a Russian Casino. The Crew lands in the casino and the zombies starta comin.

Weapons: There have been some changes to the Mystery Box, The AK-47 is now in it. The Skorpion is on the wall. Wonder Weapons include Matryoshka Dolls, Ray Gun, Wonderhawks, and Thundergun. Also on the wall, you can get a pack of tomahawks. Tomahawks stick to zombies so you will have to pick them back up. You get a Pack of Three. They cost 500 points. Also the Sickle returns as a bonus melee.

Wonderhawks: Wonderhawks have a similar fuction to Tomahawks you get three Wonderhawks. Throwing one will send three purple flaming tomahawks in each direction. Wonderhawks dont stick to enemys but go through them.

Perks: There are six perk machines in the map. One of which is new. Muscle Milk, Speed Cola, PhD Flopper, Quick Revive, Juggernog, and Speed Cola.

Muscle Milk: Some people might want. Muscle Milk increases melee damage and alows the player to carry three weapons.

Speed Cola Update: You can also switch weapons faster.

Elevators return in the starting room. But, you must buy the barricade. The first elevator costs 250 and sends you up to the second floor. There are six floors counting the basement and roof. Each elevator on each floor has a barricade and costs double than the first. 1st= 250 2nd= 500 3rd= 750 ETC. On the first floor you can buy the entrance down to the cellar/basement. its sorta small and has four windows. It also has the Skorpion and a mystery box. Cost 1000 points to go down there. The Rooftop has one window and two ladders where zombies climb up from. When you reach the rooftop there are about ten zombies already spawned up there. They are unique because they are in bathing suits because of a pool up there.

Slot Machines on all floors except the basement there are slot machines. Slot Machines cost 500 points to use and you can get multiple outcomes. Bad outcomes such as spawning hellhounds, taking away you and/or your teammates points, taking away the weapon you have, and more. please ideas for slot machines below. Good utcomes such extra points, Wonderweapons, Power-Ups, and the new power-ups for yourself. Also to mention the Death Machine and Grim reaper are power-ups.

New Power-Ups: Some new power ups are for just the person you gets them. Such as Insta Kill, 2x points, and Fire Sale if your lucky. And new ones and some from DOA. Such as Auto- Revive, Supa Speed Boost, Chicken, and Teddy Bear.

Special Rounds: Monkeys return for special rounds only they arnt wearing space suits. Also, if you get a Hell Hound on the Slot Machine, Spawning Hell Hounds with any other enemy your fighting.

Power: Like most other maps, you must turn on the power. Getting to the power will brighten up the basement and turn on the slot machines.

Pack-a-Punch: To reach the PaP, Once the power is on, a special slot machine, The Pack-a-Puncher, can be bought for 1500 because you cant always get a PaP sometimes. Once you get three PaP signs. The Map will dim blue. On the first floor, the bar will turn, opening a passage way. Go through the zig zaggy dark blue passage way and a elevator will come down and open, revealing the Machine. The machine will cost 1000 points since you bought the slot machine. Like acension, you can stay in the passage way as long as you'd like. But of course, there are two windows to prevent camping. Also, if you want to make a quick escape because a zombie filled passage way, there is a elevator next to the PaP for you and your team to escape to the second floor. You will walk out into the bar on the second floor.

Thnx for readin and post your thoughts please. Took a long time to type this and i want to here what you think.

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