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  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is I'm not even sure at this point
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  • LazarouDave

    So...i have been playing Exo Survival a lot lately (No particular reason, just got tired of MP) - but during this time i have found a great setup to prep for high rounds, with this guide you should be able to get all perks and guarantee Weapons Free at round 15.

    • Do NOT use any scorestreaks until it is fully upgraded, try to refrain using them until all perks are acquired, if you have 3 streaks from drops, then you can only get perks, and at the speed you should be getting these drops, you should be able to get all none Weapons Free perks by about Round 12 or 13.
    • Perk order, try to focus on this order or at least something similar.
    1. Practically Vital: Unlimited Sprint, Fast Hands, Toughness, Overcharged
    2. Useful: Flak Jacket, Danger Close.
    3. Meh: Gun…

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  • LazarouDave

    Yes the caps were necessary.

    Anyway, the CDWC Alliance is currently active.


    • Minimum level 8
    • Must be on the CoD wiki (Obvious)
    • You must be registered as a user on the wiki with at least 500 Edits. (Same as the official CDWC)

    The Alliance symbol is the Black Ops 2 Master prestige.

    If you have got, or intend to get Call of Duty: Heroes, Then be ready to join.

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  • LazarouDave

    Well, it appears that 2015 is upon us!

    So, there are just a few things that we all look forward to, among which are:

    CoD12, Treyarch shall come back into the fray, many questions unanswered that shall will have answers coming sometime around April...coincidentally the same time as my 1st year anniversary on the wiki, but we need to wait for November for ALL answers to be...well...answered.

    Not to mention the 4 Advanced Warfare DLC packs, tell us your plans, will you slay some weird new zombies? Havoc is coming out in the next 2 months for ALL platforms, although good news for XBL, you get it a month early...i'm sure you must be tired of that AE4 by now?

    I personally don't follow other game if there are any...mention them below.


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  • LazarouDave

    So...welcome to my first blog, took me literally minutes to think about this, but they may be unpopular opinions to most, but here is how i see that Advanced Warfare could have been improved (Multiplayer wise).

    To me...they just seem to be a bit lacklustre without them, i expected there would be some way that Sledge could've incorportated attachments to them, as an example, the MDL could have fired Semtex or Threat grenades, to give the user and their team a tactical or lethal advantage. As for the MAHEM, there were so many missed chances, we may have seen MAHEM - Lock On, or MAHEM - Napalm, for the last one...i mean come on, it supposedly fires "an orb of molten steel"..."MOLTEN STEEL", so if it is already boiling hot, why the hell could t…

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