Well, it appears that 2015 is upon us!

So, there are just a few things that we all look forward to, among which are:

CoD12, Treyarch shall come back into the fray, many questions unanswered that shall will have answers coming sometime around April...coincidentally the same time as my 1st year anniversary on the wiki, but we need to wait for November for ALL answers to be...well...answered.

Not to mention the 4 Advanced Warfare DLC packs, tell us your plans, will you slay some weird new zombies? Havoc is coming out in the next 2 months for ALL platforms, although good news for XBL, you get it a month early...i'm sure you must be tired of that AE4 by now?

I personally don't follow other game if there are any...mention them below.

Other than that...NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, of course...well...not as clear cut as i made it seem, your new years Gaming Resolution. ..if you have one, if not, then just put whatever the hell you want, it's a comments section..i'm not stopping you...

Anyway...this is kind of a work in progress of sorts, as i need some comment-y things to add to this...well...i guess i could leave you with something that isn't quite Auld Lang Syne... Personal LazarouDave image LazarouDave  01:15, January 1, 2015 (UTC)

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