So...i have been playing Exo Survival a lot lately (No particular reason, just got tired of MP) - but during this time i have found a great setup to prep for high rounds, with this guide you should be able to get all perks and guarantee Weapons Free at round 15.

Ground Rules

  • Do NOT use any scorestreaks until it is fully upgraded, try to refrain using them until all perks are acquired, if you have 3 streaks from drops, then you can only get perks, and at the speed you should be getting these drops, you should be able to get all none Weapons Free perks by about Round 12 or 13.
  • Perk order, try to focus on this order or at least something similar.
  1. Practically Vital: Unlimited Sprint, Fast Hands, Toughness, Overcharged
  2. Useful: Flak Jacket, Danger Close.
  3. Meh: Gung-ho, Hardline
  • Streak Order

Scorestreaks can kill vast amounts of enemies in rapid time, but try to avoid using them until fully perked up, the order in which you should prioritise is as follows.

Bombing Run, Aerial Assault Drone, XS1 Goliath, XS1 Vulcan, Remote Turret, Warbird, UAV, Missile Strike.

  • The Bombing Run is always devastating, just a shame it can't be upgraded.
  • The Assault Drone is useful because it can kill hostiles in a completely separate area as you.
  • The Goliath is always helpful, it is basically an Extra Life of sorts, an extra life with massive fire power.
  • The Vulcan may be an odd choice, but hold onto this thing until you can get Extra Time, Overcharge and Light Show, you can easily kill an entire wave with it if you use it near the start of a round.
  • The Remote Turret has its uses, especially against Drones, but it is far to vulnerable to other ground forces to be particularly effective, unless you cover it.
  • The Warbird is only really good if it has an Autonomous setup, which comes it fairly late, so not ideal.
  • The UAV may be good for Threat Detection, but the idea of a scorestreak is power, right?
  • As for Missile Strike, it's just plain mediocre AND it is manually controlled..

  • Try to avoid close contact, and melee, because the enemy melee in Exo Survival is ridiculously OP, they take a LOT of your health away, so if you wish to succeed, AIM FOR THE HEAD, JUST DO IT!

  • Don't camp in the same place for too long, unless you wish to die by Nano Swarm drone, they look like the other micro drones, but if you see one coming and you know you've been camping, run the fuck away.

The Early Rounds

First things first, pick the Heavy Exo class, yes you move slow AF, but the Damage and Health boost makes it entirely worth it, one you do this, use the default pistol for the Heavy, the MP-443 Grach and just aim for headshots only for the first 9 rounds, this will earn you the most points, try to avoid using the EM1 at all, because all you get is 4 points per hit, the Grach if you hit the head both times on the Grunt (Shotgun Enemy in the first 2 rounds) it will fetch 80 points per kill, unlike the 20 (approx.) that the EM1 will get you, so if this is done well, the Support Drops will be coming rapidly.

A very useful item you should purchase is Exo Cloak (Buy upon completing round 6), as after 2-3 seconds of it being active, any human enemies will not be able to see you, things like Drones and Warbirds will still be able to see you, try to use it sparingly unless you wish to spend a lot points rebuying it.

You shouldn't need to upgrade Weapon Proficiency at all, just save your points for Armour and XMG's at round 10.

Round 10 - 13

Upon completing round 9, go and upgrade you armour to level 8 (You should be able to do this and save 5 points if done correctly) - with the 5 spare points, go and purchase the XMGs and Extended Mags to replace your Grach, because this weapon will get you supply drops insanely quick, all you need to do it go head on with the Goliath, lockdown with the XMGs and aim for it's head, try to make sure the Goliath stands still before you try this, it will certainly help, each headshot gets 30 points, and speed the XMGs fire at means the Support Drop bar will be filling ridiculously quick. The armour you have purchased should keep you alive long enough to hold off the Goliath's attacks, if necessary, run away to regenerate your health. If you do this correctly you should get 4 drops before the Goliath is dead, make sure you take them no more than 3 at a time, if a 4th one is launched while 3 are already landed, those 3 will disappear, take caution with this step, sometimes the drops will only allow 1 on the map at a time, allow more at your own risk.

Round 11 is the Warbird Round, target that immediately with the Lockdown Mode on the XMG, you should be able to down it before ground forces reach you.

Round 13 is yet another Goliath Round, although this one comes with regular ground forces, as usual aim the XMG toward the head area for more points, leave the A.S.T as the last enemy and repeat what you did in Round 10, if all has been completed correctly, you should have acquired all of your perks and streaks, if you take another drop before completing round 14, it will be completely blank, and all you can take is 1 upgrade point by press Circle/B or whatever the equivalent is for PC because I don't actually know that...sorry...

The Rest

The final steps are to just complete round 14 and acquire Weapons Free, don't think the Scorestreak embargo is over yet either, from here it is down to you, the player to choose if you want to use them or get 2 upgrade points per support drop, personally the latter for me, so I can upgrade all my streaks quicker.

As for Weapons Free Weapon choice, go for whatever works, if I may make a recommendation, pick the NA-45 Explosive sniper rifle, because pair that with Max Weapon proficiency and Danger Close, you can easily kill enemies even after you have Flip Flopped the map (past round 50) - not to mention the devastating damage area it has - it makes a surprisingly lethal setup, especially when it is equipped with Variable Zoom.

Let me know how well this setup works out for you, if you can arsed to even play Exo Survival...if even Advanced Warfare at all...

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