Leader of CP Parties!

aka The Doctor

  • I live in Amongst the hype of the smash bros. fans
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Delivering anger to all the Ridley fanboys! (seriously get lost)
  • I am Pixelated Male
  • Leader of CP Parties!

    There I was, playing black ops zombies kino der toten late at night, killing hellhounds and whatnot, when suddenly, at round 18, I opened the door , only to find it was waste of money as before i could move a crawler zombie bit my legs off and killed me :(

    Please I want to be, like, a super pro nerd at kino der toten, please give me tips or a link to somewhere I can learn how to be a pro on it, also please tell me how to finish kino der toten kind regards- CoD Zombies Fan

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