• Leechieboy

    dream job or family

    January 9, 2012 by Leechieboy

    I need advice, I'm 14 almost at the end of my school life and I thought, "if I can't be a full-time commentator when I'm older I'll do the next best thing, work for a gaming magazine" but I encountered a 10 inch lead wall... it's in Bournemouth which is very far from London where my family is. I am split between stay close to my family or move away for a dream job. i need advice

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  • Leechieboy

    everything in this list needs changing next to it i'll specify what.

    1.) campaign- give us more to do in it in a dues ex style mini campaign, what happened with the rangers or kingfish.

    2.) FMG9's- remove them altogether they are the worst gun in the world they kill faster than a M4 or MP9 it sacrifices range and accuracy for raw power. it needs to have more recoil or less power

    3.) MP9's as stated above they kill slower then the FMG9 but the range is stupidly far and the accuracy is even stupider. i attachd an suppesor and beasted 23-4 only using that it's is a slightly less powerful FMG9 with better accuracy.

    4.) the maps- what can i say except boeing as hell. there is no ueful place on this map to hide to call in your predator, reaper, AC-1…

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