everything in this list needs changing next to it i'll specify what.

1.) campaign- give us more to do in it in a dues ex style mini campaign, what happened with the rangers or kingfish.

2.) FMG9's- remove them altogether they are the worst gun in the world they kill faster than a M4 or MP9 it sacrifices range and accuracy for raw power. it needs to have more recoil or less power

3.) MP9's as stated above they kill slower then the FMG9 but the range is stupidly far and the accuracy is even stupider. i attachd an suppesor and beasted 23-4 only using that it's is a slightly less powerful FMG9 with better accuracy.

4.) the maps- what can i say except boeing as hell. there is no ueful place on this map to hide to call in your predator, reaper, AC-130 or osprey gunner the safest place to call them in is your spawn then when it flips you're boned the maps need more spaces that allow you to wait and call in your killstreaks.

5.) shotguns- they are deadly from about 20 feet in real life, in MW3 they can't kill from 5 feet it's retarded they need fixing since they arrived in call of duty.

6.) spawns- i was watching WoodysGamerTag yesterday and druing a gun game with subs in the underground in dome outside by the forklift he waited and killed 6 people 2 seconds after they spawned. and they spawned right behind eachother in 1 in the chamber

7.) communty playlist- it needs more game modes. Infection, one in the chamber and sticks and stone (from black ops) would be awesome in pub lobbies again and without CODPoints it won't be losing a gun worth of CODPoints (speaking from experience).

8.) drop zone- the osprey gunner still delivers care packages in it when earned from care package.

9.) DLC- same old, ame old 4 maps noting new ever. could we get some new weapons maybe? maybe some campaign stuff or spec ops missions.

10.) soundtrack in MP- 160 points in domination it's so annoying when using headphones

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