1. Your sleep pattern has been affected by playing Cod
  2. When your dad says were going camping, you yell "NOOOOO"
  3. You try to pull out a Stinger when you see a low flying plane
  4. You run away from dogs
  5. You have missed several social events to play Cod
  6. You've played hooky several times to play CoD
  7. When you can fill up a garbage bag of controllers you've thrown against the wall in anger
  8. You can magically go for 18 hours without eating, peeing, crapping or blinking
  9. Your only friends are the ones on your friends list
  10. All noise except in-game sounds become blocked off
  11. You have every gold gun
  12. Your vocabulary has been lowered to "noob", "legit" and "hacker"
  13. You spend all your free time playing cod
  14. You dont have any free time because all your time is spent playing cod
  15. You hate it when your controller dies because you have to stop playing to get new batteries
  16. Your room is Cod themed
  17. The only clothes in your closet are a ghillie suit, a Captain Price hat and a juggernaut mask
  18. You randomly do 360s in the hallways at school
  19. You have all the achievements in every cod game
  20. You attended Soap's funeral
  21. You'd rather starve to death than pause your round 38 Ascension game to get a snack
  22. The only time you leave the house is when you're going over to a friends house to play Cod
  23. You say your going to join the Marines, but end up playing Cod some more
  24. You read this whole thing

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