My Review

Hello all! I'm LegoMan25, basically one of those wanderers on the wiki. Anyways, I pop in here and there, and this would be one of those times. I've decided to write a review on Black Ops II. So, observe my fellow wikians.


The Campaign brought me a lot of pleasure. With the branching storylines, new weapons, and new plot, it's my favorite campaign so far. It brought a lot of dramatic events, but not crazy over-dramatic ones, like in MW3, where it's basically "Oh no! Russians are invading the USA! Oh no! Terrorists! Oh no! A nuke." It had the right mixture of everything here and there. There were some pretty great moments in the Campaign, whether great meaning shocking or just awesome. The new villian, Raul, was one of the best antonagists I've faced. Not a crazy idiot bent on world domination, that's good. I kinda felt the whole Josephina dies, blame it on the universe thing was overdone. But, he still was a pretty nice villian. Understandable, at some points, twisted at others. Really liked that. I also like in the Campaign the fact that the future levels aren't floating cars and houses, it's actually realistic. Overall, I give the campaign 8/10.


I did like multiplayer, but the Pick 10 system kind of gets annoying when your making that perfect class, and there, that EMP grenade will finish it, and boom, you get the "You must replace one of your ten!" message. That gets on my nerves a bit. The maps are fairly good, wish most of them weren't based on the campaign missions. I did like the scenery of them, like Aftermath. Some maps I feel were just made for the noobs, like Hijacked, where they can rank up fast and brag about it to their friends...

The emblem creating system is pretty nice. I managed to make a suicide gorilla and a few other emblems. Hooray for suiciding gorrilas. :D 


Zombies exceeding my expectations alot. TranZit introduces many new features, along with the bus. The new "Easy|Normal" system is good, especially if your just trying to find some easter eggs and don't wanna get f*cked up by zombies. TranZit is great ( Can't wait for the DLCs ). The new electric zombie ( Adrogavro I think ) is cool, what's a new map without a new perk, thanks to Tombstone Soda. Survival is fun, especially with the new round selection. Like how you have limited things in some survivals. Grief is pretty fun, especially the whole knife your enemies thing. Trollio. The new Theater is nice also. I gotta admit, I do Easter Egg hunting by ignoring the player feed and flying around in free mode. C:

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