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  • Legos-Rule-15

    Hello everyone, Legos here, back from inactivity! Well, it has been over a month and a half since my last edits, and over four since an honest blog, so I'm not quite sure how to start things out. Anyways, this is by far my longest hiatus from the Wiki (unfortunately). To be brief, I felt as though I was losing interest in the Wiki, and that combined with school work ultimately kept me from editing here. However, I'm hoping to break that cycle and return to normal editing and all that good stuff.

    I figured what a better way to start this than by bringing back a series I haven't done in a long time - Bests and Worsts of CoD! For this episode, I decided to list some of the best things about the greatest CoD title to date - Black Ops III on last…

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  • Legos-Rule-15

    Hello everyone, Legos here, and I'm just making this blog to let everyone know of my activity changes for the summer.

    For the next two weeks, I will be out camping. I will be back briefly this Saturday and Sunday, but I doubt I will do any significant editing beyond responding to any messages and adding to forums.

    Second, I will be gone at the very end of July and the first couple days of August, so I won't be available then either.

    I'll see you guys again shortly. Let me know how E3 and all of that goes, and whether IW looks good or not.


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  • Legos-Rule-15

    Hello everyone, Legos here with another blog. As some of you may remember, a little over a month ago I had a blog pointing out every mistake with a CoD related video by WatchMojo. I'd recommend you check out that blog, it's very disappointing how many errors were made.

    Anyways, IGN, one of gaming's most highly regarded critics, recently posted a video with their list of the Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Maps. The video actually has more dislikes than likes right now. I'll say this much before I begin - the mistakes in this video are nearly as atrocious as WatchMojo's. Now, without further ado, let's get right into this.

    Remember how with WatchMojo's video, they misspelled "TheRelaxingEnd" as the "TheRelaxingEn" when citing one of the videos. W…

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  • Legos-Rule-15

    Hello everyone, Legos here and I'm back with another blog, this time on CoD's supply drop system.

    As you probably know, since Advanced Warfare, supply drops have since become a major aspect to the series. And with revenue for Activision being higher than ever as a result, there is little doubt that they will return in Infinite Warfare. Overall, the system isn't the most broken one. There is worse things, but at the same time there are numerous flaws to it.

    If you have played Battlefield 4 or Hardline, you probably realize the similarities between their Battlepacks and CoD's Supply Drops. But at the same time, it can be argued that Battlefield 4 executed their system better than Call of Duty.

    Today I am going to discuss the major differences between t…

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  • Legos-Rule-15

    Hello everyone, Legos here with another blog, this time pertaining to one of the largest YouTube channels around: To anyone who doesn't know who they are, they are a large corporation who profit off of top ten videos (usually 5 a day). This is ridiculous. But what is more inane is when they create a video based on a topic they clearly have little to no understanding on, or instead rush together a video that is chopped full of errors.

    Yesterday, they uploaded this video, which is their list for the "Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Weapons". I haven't had much faith in the channel, with the only reason I watch them is to find new bands to listen to or video games to play. The video has received a lot of hate due to the ignorance of…

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