Hello everyone, Legos here with some more Black Ops III news pertaining to the new Arena competition, as well as some leaks on weapons and maps.


The new Arena competitive mode (similar to League Play from BO2) will start its beta season on November 6th, coinciding with the game's release.[1]


At Paris Games week, several maps were revealed. These maps were Metro, Breach, Exodus, and Havoc.[2]

In addition, the maps Aquarium, Fringe, and Infection were also leaked last week.


All weapons to be released in the base game have been leaked (for multiplayer at least, there may be more for Zombies).

The weapons that were recently revealed were the ICR-1 assault rifle, Pharo submachine gun, SVG-100 sniper rifle, Gorgon and 48 Dredge light machine guns, and the 205 Brecci and Argus shotguns. Zombies will feature the Bloodhound revolver and Bootlegger submachine gun.

Lastly, the final streak was confirmed to be the Hardened Sentry.[3]


Also, to those who have kept up with #BO3Fridays, this week will have the reveal of NUK3TOWN, as well as another Q&A.[4]



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