Hello everyone, Legos here, and I've got some more Black Ops III news.

#BO3Fridays #3


For this week's #BO3Fridays, a trailer for The Giant will be revealed! In addition, the Juggernog addition will be unboxed, and another fan Q&A will be conducted.[1]

Take Out Pack


As many may remember, Hardee's and Carl's Jr. is having a promotion for Black Ops III, which involves selling Ultimate Care Package meals. Codes are enclosed within the meal, which can be used for the Take Out Pack (including Take Out Camouflage), as well as chance to win a VIP trip to Treyarch.[2]

PS3 File Size

According to the PlayStation store on PS3, the file size of Black Ops III is 17.8 GB. Oncemore, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions only have multiplayer and zombies, not campaign. [3]

Source: CharlieIntel


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