Hello everyone, Legos here, and I've got news relating to Black Ops III. The most important pieces are at the top.

#BO3Fridays #2

It has been teased that this Friday, Black Ops III will have a new game mode teased. In addition, another Fan Q&A will happen.[1]

Cybercores: Martial

Another Cyber Core video was released, this time discussing the Martial abilities, which focus on fast and stealthy attacks.

Official Call of Duty® Black Ops III - Cybercore Martial01:16

Official Call of Duty® Black Ops III - Cybercore Martial

Why Campaign Was Cut From Last Gen

In an interview with EuroGamer, Jason Bundell tells of why campaign was cut from last-gen consoles. Basically, it was because he didn't want fans to get a second rate experience because the PS3 and Xbox 360 couldn't capture what current gen can.[2] Here are some important things he said:

“When I make a game, what I’m trying to do is give you an experience,” he said. “What I see on the screen and what I’m working with the team to make, that’s what I want you to experience. So, one part of my job is to push our team to get every ounce of power and energy and memory out of the current gen consoles. And they’re very talented individuals and perform miracles to do that.”

“We being Treyarch, we’re only looking at the current-gen stuff, so PS4 and Xbox One. And when we hear the old-gen stuff start having to take things away to be able to make it perform on those machines… they’re like, ‘okay, we’re going to have to lose this, and lose that, and bring this back in,’ from a purely selfish point of view, I completely agreed with Activision’s decision to cut the campaign, because I don’t want you to get a second-rate experience. So I agreed on that level.”

Blundell continued: “It took us three years to make this thing and craft that experience. I would hate for someone to get something that isn’t true to the vision. That sounds a bit arty, but that’s how I feel about it. I agreed with Activision’s decision on not going there. I don’t think they could have faithfully conveyed some of the concepts I wanted into the campaign experience.

“If we took something and started cutting it up into pieces and taking those bits away, that would have made me more upset, to be honest.”

Black Ops Zombies Update

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies has received an update after a year and a half, which makes the game compatible with iOS 8 and 9. In addition, the iPhone6, 6 plus, and iPad Air have also gained compatibility. Lastly, a few bugs have been fixed, and online mulitplayer connection improved.[3]

Twitter Controversy

As many of you may remember, Call of Duty's Twitter account was changed to Current Events Aggregate a few weeks ago, and posted pictures and comments which were supposed to relate to Black Ops III's story. Unfortunately, many people didn't realize that the events portrayed were not real, and as a result, has received much criticism. In an interview with IGN, Treyarch reveals their reaction to the turn of events, and were completely surprised by it.[4] Part of their response is below:

“Here’s my view – and again, I’m a simple director and not involved in the marketing at all,” he began by stressing. “However, it was absolutely not done for any kind of attention in any way. It was not done maliciously, or as any kind of scare tactic. I personally am very sorry for anyone who looked at it and got the wrong idea because it genuinely wasn’t meant that way.

“It was done on our channel, and it was to talk about the fiction of the world. I think we were as shocked as everybody else when it started blowing up, because essentially we were teeing up ready for a story beat. So again, very sorry for anyone who took it that way. It wasn’t meant that way at all – it was supposed to just be getting ready for a campaign element.”

Four Official Screenshots

Four official screenshots from Black Ops III were released, all from the campaign.[5]

Realistic Difficulty

As teased through the achievements, Black Ops III is having an even more difficulty setting, called Realistic. In Realistic, the player will instantly die from any form of damage. In addition, enemy AI reacts more independently.[6]

PS4 Theme

A Shadows of Evil theme for PS4 was released, with Morg City was the background. [7]According to Treyarch:

"You played the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Multiplayer Beta and helped make it the biggest Beta ever on PlayStation®4 system. As a thank you for your support, download the Black Ops III Morg City dynamic theme free as a gift from Treyarch."


That's about all. Aside from these pieces of news, the Shadows of Evil trailer was realeased, the ninth specialist and control cyber cores were released, and Advanced Warfare MLG Finals take place this upcoming weekend.



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