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Hello everyone, Legos here! And today I've brought an idea that has been in my head for quite a while. I mentioned it briefly in my previous blog, a review of Call of Duty: Heroes. Anyways, I'll get straight into the basis of the idea.

To anyone who has ever played Bloons Tower Defense 5, then you may know just what I'm aiming at. In that game, there is a sandbox mode, which allows one to experiment with various tactics, layouts, etc.

My idea for this is quite simple: one can create bases to their liking, and attack them as they may. In addition, bases can be shared, so that others may have fun as well. It would be unlocked at Command Center 5 (since survival is level 4).

Building A Base

Players are only limited by the size of the base layout. For the sake of fun, the area would be slightly larger than in-game. Players are able to utilize as much structures as they want. If one wanted to create a ridiculous base consisting of a couple hundred barriers and several howitzers/laser turrets, they are free to do so.

Much like BTD5, player's would construct a structure, and then are able to upgrade to whatever level they'd like. The base is able to be used in survival mode as well, although rewards for round completion would be disabled. For structures such as the hangar or bunker, one would be able to customize the units/levels in them (restrictions would still exist on how many unit slots a player is given.

Decorations would not be limited. However, in this instance, only those that the player has earned/bought can be used.


Once a player is done creating a base, they can unleash hell with as much units as they want to deploy to attack (realistically, the game would probably lag and crash, but just for the heck of it). Players are able to select the level of the unit or hero in question, upgrade a hero's skill to their liking, in case they actually want to create a realistic base and experiment attack/defense tactics.

Players are given unlimited skill points for skills. In addition, should a hero die, players will be able to redeploy them as they wish.


Aside from software/hardware limitations, there is a few limitations and minimums:

  • A command center must be used
  • Bunkers, hangars, and communications centers can only have as many units as the level permits
  • Communications centers and heroes' posts are limited in number. Only 4 CCs, and the number of heroes' posts corresponds to the number of heroes in the game (I'm not leaving a number since this will likely change in the near future).


I believe that a sandbox mode would be an interesting (and fun!) addition to Heroes. With the idea of sharing, allow me to cover that briefly.

The community is able to rate customized bases, with high ranking ones being put on a top list. In addition, players can create challenges for players (destroy base using X units of Y type, destroy all barriers with Spec Ops, etc.) A small reward could be given to those who complete the tasks. A limited number of units would be used for this.

In short, this would provide players a way to explore how they play, as well as let their imagination go wild. Bases in the game are pretty much the same each time (due to their overall effectiveness), and this would provide some interesting (if not impossible) ones to destroy or defend. I think the game would be more fun than ever.

Leave down some ideas for what you would do if a sandbox existed in Heroes below in the comments, whether it be a base layout, challenge, or otherwise crazy idea.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, Legos out. --bionicle__unity_duty_destiny_by_cyberpictures-d6p3li2.pngLegos-Rule-15 Talk

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