Hello everyone, Legos here with another blog, this time pertaining to one of the largest YouTube channels around: To anyone who doesn't know who they are, they are a large corporation who profit off of top ten videos (usually 5 a day). This is ridiculous. But what is more inane is when they create a video based on a topic they clearly have little to no understanding on, or instead rush together a video that is chopped full of errors.

Yesterday, they uploaded this video, which is their list for the "Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Weapons". I haven't had much faith in the channel, with the only reason I watch them is to find new bands to listen to or video games to play. The video has received a lot of hate due to the ignorance of the channel as far as Call of Duty, and more specifically zombies, goes.

I am going to be pointing out every error or otherwise display of laziness on behalf of the channel that I could find in the video. Without further ado, here is the list:

  • A predictable #1: the Ray Gun.
  • Every weapon mentioned in the video is a Wonder Weapon, many of which are undeserving to be here, despite the presence of other, and better, weapons in the franchise.
    • No mention of the Golden Spork, Apothicon Servant, or even the Wrath of the Ancients.
  • No light machine guns, no PPSh-41, Galil, Commando, AN-94, Mustang and Sally, or even Thompson, nor a single weapon from BO3 (not including Monkey Bomb or Ray Gun).
    • Thompson is used in thumbnail, even though it isn't even mentioned
  • Says that they are ranking based upon effectiveness in decimating and killing zombies.
    • V-R11 and 31-79 JGb215 cannot kill by themselves.
  • Low quality gameplay.
  • Only refer to the 31-79 JGb215 by its actual name once, and instead resort to calling it the "Shrink Ray" the rest of the time. Even then they said the weapon's name incorrectly.
    • Clip where the player shoots a zombie that is behind a barricade, making it impossible to kill.
    • The fact that the weapon is even on this list.
  • Typo in which TheRelaxingEnd is referred to as "TheRelaxingEn" -multiple times.
  • Pronounces Die Rise as "Dee-Rise".
  • "More dynamic and interesting matches."
  • Paralyzer is mentioned.
  • The Blundergat is mentioned, yet clip shows the Acid Gat.
  • Monkey Bomb is ranked too high.
    • "So unassuming, yet so devastating." Less than a third of the zombies in the clip are killed by the Monkey Bomb.
    • Clip where player throws Monkey Bomb outside of the map.
  • I didn't realize the Elemental Staffs could be acquired from the Mystery Box on "Five" or Der Riese.
    • Refers to the Elemental Staffs as the "Origins Staffs".
    • Quite literally more gameplay from maps besides the one it is actually from.
  • More potato quality gameplay.
  • Says that the Wunderwaffe DG-2 can only kill up to 9 zombies.
    • Can't pronounce Wunderwaffe correctly.
    • "Thanks to its automatic fire power." Only 60RPM.
    • They censor Dempsey's quote "Don't fuck with the Marines".
  • Didn't know that the Thundergun had infinite ammo.
  • Hell's Retriever is mentioned.
    • Doesn't even show gameplay of the weapon, instead showing a player feeding one of the Cerberus heads.
  • Dual Wield Scavenger that doesn't have the right firing sound, and doesn't have the explosion.
  • V-R11, Gersch Device, and Winter's Howl are mentioned.
    • The latter doesn't even have gameplay of the weapon being used.
  • Ray Gun is included at #1 because it is memorable, accurate, has splash damage, and is overall good for surviving long term.
    • Gameplay shown is at round 6.
    • Says that it is one-shot kill, shows clip where two shots are fired to kill.
    • "It is quite the enduring weapon." Only effective until round 30 - when Pack-a-Punched
    • Not even any gameplay from World at War.
  • Most gameplay is from the same few channels (nothing against TheRelaxingEnd however).
  • No, I do not agree with their list at all.
  • The suggestions page/list was almost entirely Wonder Weapons in itself, with the Death Machine and MG42.
    • Looking at that page, it is clear those suggesting know hardly a thing about the game.
    • 12 year-olds who can't spell should probably be in school rather than playing Call of Duty (i.e. soliquifier, pulverizer), yet alone suggesting this topic.

That's all the errors and lack of research that I could find in the video. As you can see, Watchmojo did hardly any research when creating this list, and it is honestly a disservice to fans of the series, especially those who know anything about the game. They should've titled the list "Top 10 Call of Duty Zombies Wonder Weapons", because that's the entirety of the list. The company should stop making videos on topics they have no comprehension or understanding of, and if they are to continue, at least make sure they are more accurate, and don't contain as many errors as I have presented. As one person commented, "These people probably only played one game on nacht. Got the raygun in the box and then got splash back in a corner and died on round 5".

Thank you for your time. I hope everyone enjoyed this blog. Let me know below if I forgot anything else in the video, or if there is anything I could do to improve these types of blogs. Until next time, Legos out.

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