The Zombies series has been one of the most popular game mode in the history of Call of Duty and perhaps gaming in general. Since Black Ops II DLC has stopped, I've decided to create a blog on my opinions of each map. Note: This may be long.

I don't have World at War, so my opinions will be based off of Black Ops and Black Ops II maps.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Kino der Toten

Kino der Toten loading screen

Kino der Toten is one of my favorite maps to play with friends. It has plenty of features, and due to it simple layout, it is possible for friends and I to make our own game modes to play during the game, such as a sort of Sharpshooter-style game.

Kino der Toten has many great features, like the Fire Trap, Auto Turret, Thundergun, and the return of the Electro-Shock Defenses, Bowie Knife, and Monkey Bomb. In addition, this map had one objective: Survive. Not complete the Easter Egg, just survive. In addition, the song 115 is really good.


Five Zombie Map Select Menu Picture

"Five" is one of my least favorite maps. It has no great train areas besides the War Room, and the elevators are terrible because if you haven't turned on the power, they will spawn right when the doors open.

In addition, "Five" has the least likeable enemy, the Pentagon Thief. I would be fine if he took your perks, but no, he has to take your weapons. And most of the time, the power will be turned on before anyone has a Ray Gun or enough to Pack-a-Punch the M1911. Last, the Winter's Howl is just a really bad weapon. It can't kill the Thief, and won't always kill zombies. The Thundergun on the otherhand, probably could.

Dead Ops Arcade

Dead Ops Arcade Zombie Map Select Menu Picture

I know what most people are thinking: "Dead Ops Arcade isn't a map". And it really isn't, but at the same time, it is a really fun minimode to play with friends. I mean, after playing several games of Kino or "Five" (reluctantly), just play a quick game or two of this.



Ascension is one of my favorite maps to play, just higher than Kino der Toten. It has an open environment, and has PhD Flopper and Stamin-Up, as well as the return of the Thundergun, Fire Trap, and Auto Turret. In addition, there is the Sickle, Gersch Device, Matryoshka Doll, and Lunar Landers. To me, the Landers are much better than the Teleporters, because 1.they're cheaper; can reload and revive players during the time of use.

However, the only thing that I dislike is how the completion of the Easter Egg only awards a Death Machine and not all perks or a trophy. Besides that, it is an excellent map to kill zombies on. Also, the song Abracadavre is one of the best Kevin Sherwood songs in zombies.

Call of the Dead

Call of the Dead Menu Picture

Unfortunately, I don't have Call of the Dead, however, I have played it numerous times at friends' houses. I believe it has a great environment, with the lighthouse and ship providing a great zombie setting. While the Vr11 is not the best Wonder Weapon to date, it can be useful if in trouble. The Scavenger is one of my favorite weapons. While sniper rifles are some of the worst weapons in zombies, the Scavenger is better in the fact that it can take out many zombies at once. The Easter Egg reward is good, besides the possible glitches. And having George Romero as a boss zombie is really cool (although I am yet to kill him). And as MLG reminds me, "Not Ready to Die" by A7X is on this map, which adds to it being one of the best maps.



Like CotD, I don't have this map, but I have played it before. It is a fairly good map. The details to the map are incredible, however, the monkeys that steal your Power-Ups are annoying, especially when you are waiting for it to nearly time out. The 31-79 JGb215 is a unique weapon, not the best for points, but one of the best when in a corner. I can't say much more than that.



I have Moon, but unfortunately it is not one of my favorite maps. The only thing I really dislike is the difficulty. The zero gravity can be a blessing at times, a curse at others. However, besides that, Mule Kick being debuted along with the Wave Gun and the return of the Gersch Device make this map much better. The Wave Gun is my favorite weapon in Black Ops, and the Gersch Device is my favorite special. Plus, the Hacker can be especially useful for upgraded weapons.

Nacht der Untoten

Nacht der Untote Loading Screen

Nacht der Untoten is a good map for its simplicity. However, it is too simple. With the remake of this map in Black Ops, you would have expected there to be something besides Cold War weapons, the Thundergun, Monkey Bombs, and Mule Kick. They could have at least added Pack-a-Punch and Perk-a-Colas to make surviving easier, but I guess that's the challenge, isn't it?



Verrückt is like "Five" - not the best. The hallways make training impossible, the Mystery Box is harder to track, and there are two spawn areas. However, there are no new features besides the Winter's Howl, Mule Kick, and Monkey Bombs. Like Nacht der Untoten, this map could do to have a different Wonder Weapon added, the Bowie Knife/Sickle, and Pack-a-Punch.

Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa Loading Screen

Shi No Numa is an unforgettable map, mainly due to Wunderwaffe DG-2. This is most people's favorite wonder weapon after the Ray Gun and Thundergun. However, there are a few things that I really hated about Shi No Numa. The main thing is the random perk machines. 3 out of 5 times, the first two huts opened don't have Juggernog. The second is the swamp. It slows you down a bit too much to run trains. Especially when there are: 4 people in game; and Jugg isn't opened.

Der Riese

Der Riese Loading Screen

Der Riese is tied with Kino der Toten. It is an excellent map. With Pack-a-Punch, the Bowie Knife, and Teleporters, this map has a lot to offer. And with friends, it is a lot of fun to play, and like Kino, we can make our own minigames. In addition, there are several WW2 weapons in the map that I like better than Cold War weapons. Namely the M1897 Trenchgun, Thompson, STG-44, and Type 100. However, I dislike how several weapons from World at War weren't carried over like the MG42, M1919 Browning, PPSh-41, and PTRS-41. Also, the song Beauty of Annihilation is on this map, which matches the setting perfectly.

Black Ops II


TranZit Map BOII

TranZit is my least favorite game mode in Black Ops II, and for many reasons. First, the Bus is a terrible form of transportation, sometimes not stopping at locations, randomly booting you off, locking you in/out of the bus, and unexpectedly leaving. Second, the map is too large, and unless you are staying as a group, those you get downed will likely bleed out. Third, the Jet Gun is the WORST weapon in the history of zombies. I'd rather have an M1911 and an Olympia than that. Fourth, the fog. Rather, the fog isn't the problem, but the Denizens are. Either it should have been lava or Denizens, not both.

Tombstone Soda is a terrible perk in this large map, being almost impossible to buy Tombstone again, grab 2 more perks, and still be able to grab your powerup. The only good thing from this map was the Buildables.

Submaps of Green Run

There are many subareas in Green Run with game modes more enjoyable than TranZit.

Bus Depot

Bus Depot is okay of a map, but it is too small, and lacking of any utilities to aid players, like perks, Pack-a-Punch, or traps.


Farm, one step up from Depot, it may lack Pack-a-Punch, but at least it has perks and better train areas and camping spots.


Survival mode or Grief mode, it doesn't matter. Both are a lot of fun to play with (and against) friends on in this small map. And, Tombstone actually has a use.

Die Rise

Die Rise Loading Screen

Die Rise is a unique map in terms of the verticality. It is better than TranZit, in terms of Perks and Weapons. One, its perk, Who's Who, is much more useful than Tombstone, and two, the Sliquifier is much more versatile than the Jet Gun (and better to troll randoms with). The best features of the map that make it really playable are Mule Kick, the AN-94, the PDW-57, and the SVU-AS. There are a few weapons that I find better, but it is still great they were included.

Mob of the Dead

Mob of the Dead Movie Poster

Mob of the Dead is my favorite map in Black Ops II. One, Alcatraz Island as the setting is the best idea they've had in zombies. Second, the Blundergat is my favorite wonder weapon, more so than the Wunderwaffe DG2 or Thundergun. It can be upgraded several different ways, and acts like an overpowered Olympia. There was also the Hell's Retriever and Golden Spork. Next, the return of the Thompson was something I liked, as well as the LSAT, Uzi, AK-47, and Death Machine. The return of Buildables was also great. In addition, the debut of Electric Cherry and Deadshot Daiquiri were perks to bought after Jugg and Double Tap II/Speed Cola. This map has the most re-playability out of any maps in Black Ops II, as well as the most features which are liked. Also, there is the song Where Are We Going by Malukah, which turned out to be really great.


Buried menu BOII

Buried ties with Die Rise. It has many great features, but it cannot compare to some of the other maps in Black Ops II. It has the most useful perk debut in the game with Vulture Aid, and an almost as good wonder weapon, the Paralyzer. It returns weapons from Die Rise as well. The only things I dislike about this map are: 1. the witches; 2. how it gets boring past round 15. Mob of the Dead had you try and build the plane and Origins has the Staffs, but this just has the Easter Egg. Overall a fun map to play with friends, but too repetitive when compared to other maps.


Origins loadscreen BOII

Origins is my favorite map in Black Ops II, or at least tied with Mob of the Dead. It has the most re-playability of any other map. It features a difficult task to keep you playing (namely, building and upgrading the Elemental Staffs. The Maxis Drone is more useful than some of the other buildables in the past, and the Zombie Shield returns.

The Elemental Staffs are all excellent, with a lot of ammo, and the usefulness of functioning as a melee weapon. The One Inch Punch is an incredibly melee weapon, and the G-Strike is a powerful grenade, though not as powerful as useful as the Gersch Device. While this map may be the most difficult of any other map in the game, the map has the most useful features, like the Tank, and the debut/return of the best weapons, like the SCAR-H, Skorpion EVO, MG08/15, STG-44, and MP40. In addition, almost every perk is featured in the map, and all can be obtained without completion of the Easter Egg (although it may still take a long time). The most replayable map in Black Ops II due to the many features and possible game plays. Also, this map features the best Musical Easter Eggs in zombies, Archangel and another A7X song, Shepherd of Fire.


That is what my opinion is on each map in Call of Duty zombies mode. What is your opinion on some of the maps? Do you agree with any of my opinions? And what is your favorite map? Let me know in the comments section!Also, let's hope for a BO3 with more zombies.

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