Call of Duty Heros
Hello everyone, Legos here! As I said earlier, I will be doing a blog tonight (well, early this morning, rather), and for this one, it's been something I've been planning on doing for a while now. And that is a review of Call of Duty: Heroes.

I will be rating the game off of several different factors, ranging from its modes and units, to its structures and potential. Each section will be rated on a scale of 10, and final result will be the average. Let's get started!


I put campaign in quotation marks because I hardly feel it as such. Traditionally, campaign in Call of Duty has a story, which this clearly did not. It simply had one using their units to attack different varieties of bases, with the only purpose to raid resources. It has been helpful in getting resources to progress, but aside from that, it is quite lacking in any experience.

Some type of storyline would've been nice, but there was none. In addition, it would've been nice for the devs to create more maps, that way players can continue to gain large amounts of loot, which is extremely helpful once one gets to later command center levels.

Rating- 4/10

PvP (offensive)

This is where gears really begin to grind. First off, on the attacking end, especially once you get to high levels, you are placed against high level bases, and many recently have been level 10 (the highest), whereas I'm only level 8. This is a disadvantage in a few ways.

First, your units aren't a higher level, meaning they have a lower health and damage output against high level defenses, which have a higher damage output and health. In addition, one has less troops to attack the base with.

Second, heroes aren't at a higher level. And while damage wise the change is minimal, as one ranks up they unlock the ability to upgrade skills, which the AC-130, Predator Missile, and Chopper Gunner are best needed for high level bases. However, since the damage is lower, one generally needs to use skills multiple times, thus using more skills points, and eventually requiring the player to purchase more skill points with celerium, which isn't cheap by any means.

Third, hangars, bunkers, and communication centers are extremely overpowered as a defense for these high level bases. High level CCs can have over a dozen units, while hangars can have six or more dragonfires or Goliaths. Thankfully, however, there is goliaths which can counter the units, and hangars don't have too much health.

Lastly, trying to upgrade units takes forever. I can wait ten days, no problems, as tiresome as it is. But trying to loot resources needed to upgrade your ballistic lab or tech facility is impossible when it comes to defending. Which is where this leads to.

Nonetheless, I find offensive quite enjoyable.

Rating - 7/10

PvP (defensive)

Attacking is hardly a problem. It is near impossible to defend once you reach CC7 or CC8. Here's why. As said above, you are put against higher level bases. Those bases have the potential to retaliate and attack your base in turn. And since they have more and higher level units, they will most always win. Another issue I've encountered is that anywhere from a fifth to over a half of my resources will be looted, putting me further back from upgrading structures/units.

Rating- 5/10


This is one of the briefer topics I have. Survival mode is simple - predetermined units will attack your base in waves. Every five waves there is a checkpoint wave, and if one has their base at a percentage over 75%, they keep it. I find this extremely tedious, as in order for one to get to higher waves, they must upgrade their structures and so on. See the above. Almost as though Activi$ion wants you to spend money to buy things...hmmm...

Overall enjoyable, however, once a game starts, one has to do nothing, making the experience kind of dull. In addition, reaching some checkpoint waves are just flat out impossible. I've reached as high as wave 55 once. There are 150 waves...

Rating- 6/10


If you've ever played Clash of Clans (I haven't), then structures follow the exact same pattern in Heroes. Rank up your command center to unlock new structures and upgrades, which can be used to upgrade units and so on so forth. It is honestly quite repetitive. While the structures can get to be quite good, it is too tedious. I've been playing this game since March, and will probably not reach max level for another year. Maybe I'll just aim to upgrade my Command Center ASAP, that way I can just get more structures, and upgrade later on?

The structures are all unique in their own right however, so I'll give that a point. But I would still like to see those cut structures make an appearance later on in the game. Since one of them has appeared in one shape or another, I don't see it too unlikely that they will...hopefully.

Rating- 6/10

Units and Heroes

There is a large variety of heroes, however, some, like Wallcroft, seem extremely minor in the series, and I feel they could've been replaced with more memorable and major characters. For example, where is Reznov and a flamethrower skill, or Woods with some gunship (like in "Redemption")? There is no characters from a Treyarch game before BO2, and even then, BO2 is only Harper. However, Heroes are essential to victory, and one has little hopes of victory unless ones like Wallcroft, Ghost, or Price are spawned in to utilize their offensive abilities.

As far as units go, there is quite a variety. And I like that diversity. It gives the player chances to experiment... but the game doesn't quite do that...I'll explain later.

Rating- 6/10

Supply Drops

I know what everyone is thinking: "There's supply drops in Heroes?" There is, and they appear every 12 hours from the Landing Zone. I'm glad they reduced it from 15 hours, but still... I feel they should either lower that time, or give better items. The amount of useless boosts I have is ridiculous, and I am yet to receive a legendary drop after all these months.

The only useful items are resources (which are bound to be looted in one battle), builder boosts (since structures end up taking a week to upgrade), and celerium (which is versatile for anything). Resource boosts and shields are also quite helpful.

It may be kind of broken still, but it still has been extremely useful since it was released.

Rating- 8/10


The thing I like most about the game would have to be decorations. While more could still be added, there is already a large amount of them, from the hero statues to the flags to the other things. They give your base a unique touch, especially when so many bases are duplicates of one another due to their defensive potential.

And with the new addition of different base looks, you have even more options now.

But there is one thing that annoys me, and that is that it requires celerium, which is essential sometimes. And right now, I am unable to receive my 10 daily bonus celerium due to a bug, so whereas normally it would take only a few days to acquire, now it takes a week or two. Very disappointing that this glitch is yet to be fixed.

Another disappointment is the lack of purchasable holiday decorations. Snowmen, Christmas trees, presents, etc. While they are there due to the default holiday background, that will soon be gone after the holidays, and with that the removal of those decorations. It'd be funny to have a snowman in a desert base, right?

Rating- 8/10

Final Verdict

Before the final rating, I'd like to summarize my thoughts. Overall, the game is a lot of fun to play, just to burn some time here and there. However, just as almost every other game, it gets repetitive. But the difference between this game and the next is Heroes gets that way much much faster.

In addition, the most annoying thing is the obvious flaws in its PvP matchmaking. One shouldn't be put against a higher level base, because in the end of these matches, it comes down to who has the higher level skill and hero, as well as the more (quantitatively) and more powerful units, and not who has the faster reflexes or actual skill. Just who has played the game longer or has the more money to purchase celerium. Sort of like AW and its supply drops.

Some things need to be fixed, and there is many things which I'd like see added (see below), ranging from heroes, to skills, to units, to structures, to decorations.

Final Rating- 6/10

I'll still say play this game. It is still quite fun, especially initially, but for me, after all this time, I just want to see more things. The fact that new things are still being added is why this isn't any lower. It keeps the game interesting. But in actuality, I feel there are things which should be there, but aren't. A sandbox mode would've been fun. For another blog though. Maybe I'll do a blog on what was done wrong, or what should be done, for next time.


Thank you everyone for your time! I hope you enjoyed my first actual review of anything. If you have anything you'd like me to do a review of, feel free to leave it below in the comments, and I'll try to make it happen in the near future. Otherwise, any advice for the future would be nice as well for these blogs.

These will be regular blogs, ranging from rankings to reviews to thoughts and ideas, with one or two a week, average. Also, if a news team member feels fit, I'd appreciate if the opinion blog tag could be added.

Oncemore, thank you! And until next time, Legos out. --bionicle__unity_duty_destiny_by_cyberpictures-d6p3li2.pngLegos-Rule-15 Talk