• Lewzono

    You drove them deep into the heart of the reich.

    You thought they were dead.

    You were wrong...

    -Call Of Duty World at War Zombies App

    Nacht Der Untoten:The first Nazi Zombies map ever made.Its also the littlest with no power swich. With only 3 rooms:In the starting room there are 5 windows WWith the weapons Karg8k for 200 points & M1 Carbrine In the upstairs room there is 3 windows a Sawed Off Shotgun for 1200 points,Stielhandgrenade for 250 points,A mystary cabnet which contains a Flamethrower for 2000 points,Trench gun for 1500 & BAR for 1800: Finally in the second bottem room we have 2 windows&the Thompson gun for 1500 points.


    Platforms:Xbox 360 Playstation 3 Nintendo DS & Apple Iphone/Ipod touch/Ipad

    Zombies:Nazi Zombiess

    Hope these ti…

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