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  • Lieutenant Commander John Shepard

    So, hey. I've bought my PS3 yesterday, and for now I've only got Battlefield 3, which I'm enjoying, at least the campaign, 'cuz the Online Pass isn't working. Anyway, that's not the point. I'm in doubt of which game I should buy. There's a long list of games to play, so, I'm unsure. I'm thinking of not buying any CoD's here, as my main platform will still be the Xbox 360. So, I've got a list of games I'm thinking about buying, but you guys can still suggest others. The help would be appreciated.

    Games I'm thinking about buying:

    Uncharted games

    Killzone 3

    Resistance 3

    Mortal Kombat

    Any other suggestions?

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  • Lieutenant Commander John Shepard

    Yeah, today. I'm Commander Shepard and I should go 12:00, January 26, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Lieutenant Commander John Shepard

    Hai everyone. So, I'm doing another review, this time for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    Modern Warfare's campaign is great. It tells a great story and has great levels. The characters are interesting and all have nice personalities. Now, to elaborate: The storyline's great and full of unpredictable moments. For example, I never expected that bomb to go off. I was already ready for the heroic escape of the Marines and then, BOOM, the whole team's dead. The level design is great. From the action filled moments of War Pig to the quiet and stealth of All Ghillied Up, it's all a great ride, and to boot that up, we get several memorable characters. We have the badassery of Price and Vasquez to the humor of Gaz and MacMillan. It's very replayable…

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  • Lieutenant Commander John Shepard

    'Sup everyone. Yeah, I'm doing another Review. This time for Black Ops. I've added 2 new categories for my reviews: Graphics and Sound. Let's get this started.

    The Campaign isn't exactly what I'd call great. I mean, it has some fun moments but, all in all, it's bad. First off, I honestly though CoD was a war game, not an espionage one. Say what you will about MW2, but we still controlled soldiers on the war zone. I mean, take a look at Numbers. We're on Kowloon, jumping off rooftops! C'mon, man. There are a few levels which actually put in the war, but most is just a sci-fi trip. And it's not I didn't like the story, I hated it. It doesn't make any sense. First off, why is Castro there? Because, the story could have followed without him just a…

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  • Lieutenant Commander John Shepard

    Hey everyone. For some reason I've decided to start writing reviews on games. I've decided to kick this new hobby off with MW3, since it's the game I've been playing the most. The review will be split in 3 parts: Campaign, Multiplayer and Other, which will include things like bonus modes. Ok, here we go.

    The campaign is solid for the most part. Missions are fun and radical, but I miss a the stealth missions. I mean, in MW2, and, obvisouly, CoD4, there were many and they were awesome. In MW3, they always end up breaking down to a shootout and explosions. I miss Ghillies. The storyline's good, but not the best. It also feels muddled, and hard to understand, at first. At least it manages to shock players. I mean, I never expected Soap to die. I…

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