'Sup everyone. Yeah, I'm doing another Review. This time for Black Ops. I've added 2 new categories for my reviews: Graphics and Sound. Let's get this started.


The Campaign isn't exactly what I'd call great. I mean, it has some fun moments but, all in all, it's bad. First off, I honestly though CoD was a war game, not an espionage one. Say what you will about MW2, but we still controlled soldiers on the war zone. I mean, take a look at Numbers. We're on Kowloon, jumping off rooftops! C'mon, man. There are a few levels which actually put in the war, but most is just a sci-fi trip. And it's not I didn't like the story, I hated it. It doesn't make any sense. First off, why is Castro there? Because, the story could have followed without him just as easily. 3arc loves some controversy. It's not like No Russian, where it was essential for the stroyline. Reznov, too, makes no sense to me. When he escaped Vorkuta, why the fuck did he kill himself????? Didn't he want those guys dead???? If so, would have been so much simpler for him to escape and KILL THEM HIMSELF!!!!!! Also, talking about those 3 guys, I frankly think that only Dragovich and Steiner are important to the story. I mean, what does Kravchenko do in the entire game????? Lead the troops? I can imagine Dragovich doing the same. Kravchenko does NOTHING. And Clarke? He shows up at Numbers, and I bet I'm not the only who thought he'd be important to the plot, and at the end of the level, he dies without even answering Hudson's questions. Numbers might as well not be in the game. Characters are also bland. Mason has no personality whatsoever and only knows how to yell "I KEEP HEARING THE FUCKING NUMBERS!!!!!!111!!!!!". Woods is your typical badass, plus he likes to say "Fuck". Bowman < Griggs, and the only notable thing he says in the entire game is "Communist piece of shit". Weaver desperatly tries to be the new Nikolai. Hudson is the only interesting one. And why did they have to ruin Reznov? Couldn't they have used another character, or created a new one? And Dimitri! They killed Dimitri for no reason!!!!!!!! And I still don't see why they put a sci-fi storyline in war game. I frankly think this whole Nova 6 stuff to be absurd. I mean, chemical attacks in the 60s??? Oh, c'mon. And I'm still confused with Executive Order. What's the point of that level?????? Nothing happens!!!!!! Oh, and remember when 3arc said that BO would have more stealth than any other CoD? Yeah, right. What we get is a few minutes of stealth at the start and then, mindless shooting. And, in most of those stealth parts, you don't really have to do much. I'd tell more about the problems with the campaign, but I don't remeber, as I haven't played it in a while. I just borrowed my friend's copy of the game (which I sold to him in the first place), and I've just been playing CT with my friend, but I'll get to that in a while. Just know that at the moment Reznov killed himself, the campaign lost its merit, because there was no point with that, he could've just killed those guys by himself. There are a few fun levels, such as SOG, but most aren't any fun. There are also some nice concepts, such as helicopter piloting, but they don't work.

Final score



Graphically speaking, the game isn't very good either. The use of the IW 3.0 engine wasn't the smart move here. Enviroments look bad and fire effects look fugly. Textures take a long time to load and the weapons, while they look good in first person, they look like toys in third person. And while character models look good, the animations are horrible. So, the graphics aren't very good.

Final score



Oh shit. I think I'm gonna have a seizure while writing this. Well, I'll have to try. Multiplayer is bad. As in, really bad. Weapons are boring, and most are identical to each other. Look at the Commando and the AK-47. They're identical in everything save for Reload time. Plus, the overpowered weapons and Perks. Really, if you camp with a Famas/AUG while using Ghost and a surpressor, you're bound to get MVP or get close to it. How ridiculous is that? Lag, too, is a problem. I had a full-green connection when playing yesterday and I had lag. Ridiculous. And I only saw these weapons yesterday: Famas, AK-47, AUG. I saw a few other SMGs, but they were rare. Map design sucks. It seems that they were made for camping. That isn't good. And most perks are also useless! I mean, who uses Hardened? Or Scout? No one! Why? Because we've got super-overpowered perks, such as the aforementioned Ghost. But, nothing, I said nothing, beats the stupidity of COD points. Now, to get the best attachments, instead of needing actual skill to get 'em, you just pay a little amount of cash. For example, in MW2, to unlock the ACOG, you need 150 kills for primaries. In BO, pay a small amount of COD points and there you go. C'mon... And then there's the Emblem Editor. That's a good idea but because of it we've got people doing penises. And because of both ideas, now challenges mean nothing. Nice going, Treyarch! So yeah, a multiplayer filled with campers, overpowered weapons and a bunch of penises isn't even bad. It's horrible.

EDIT: I'd like to point out that Combat Training is something really fun, and that it should be invested more. Been playing it with my friend and it's loads of fun. And, does anyone remember when 3arc said there would be alternate ammo? We got 1 instance of it, and in the Campaign. Whatever points the Multiplayer would've just gotten with CT just got busted.

Final Score



Voice acting is okay. Woods, Bowman and Hudson are all well done, along with some of the minor characters, but Mason sounds horrible. Sam Worthington can't get an American accent right, and sounds like there's something stuck in his throat. Weaver's voice actor must've been forced into the role, because he looks like he's being tortured every time. Dragovich and Steiner, however, sound good. And I won't deny, the soundtrack is beast, but MW2 still got the best music. Weapons all sound the same for some reason, and there are too many wapons with the same reload sounds. So, voice acting is mostly good, but there are a few rough spots, but the soundtrack is great.

Final Score



Obviously, Other will cover Zombies. And, frankly, it wasn't nearly as fun as it was in WaW. In fact, it was boring. Through Kino der Toten and "Five", I was getting sleepy. Those maps were incredibly boring. I was very disappointed by BO's Zombies. However, Dead Ops Arcade was fun. But, a mode such as that will obviously get boring after a while. Frankly, there isn't much to say here. The game ships with 2 maps, plus an extra secret, and all but 1 of those were boring. Ascension wasn't much better and after that I didn't buy any of the DLC. So, I wasn't impressed by BO's Zombies. In fact, I was bored to death.

Final Score



This is a big issue I have with the game, although I won't deduct any points for this. It's ridiculous. Say what you want about IW putting a FAMAS at the hands of the Russians, 3arc is much worse. I mean, what the fuck is a G11 doing in 1968? C'mon, man. It's really bad. That model of the FAMAS is from the 1990s!!!!!


Now, I will sum all of the scores and divide 'em by 5.

Score: 5.0 - Bad

Now, leave on te comments if you agree or not, and, say which of these 2 games should be my next review:

Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2.

At the 14th I'll check back which one I'll review next.

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