Hey everyone. For some reason I've decided to start writing reviews on games. I've decided to kick this new hobby off with MW3, since it's the game I've been playing the most. The review will be split in 3 parts: Campaign, Multiplayer and Other, which will include things like bonus modes. Ok, here we go.


The campaign is solid for the most part. Missions are fun and radical, but I miss a the stealth missions. I mean, in MW2, and, obvisouly, CoD4, there were many and they were awesome. In MW3, they always end up breaking down to a shootout and explosions. I miss Ghillies. The storyline's good, but not the best. It also feels muddled, and hard to understand, at first. At least it manages to shock players. I mean, I never expected Soap to die. I also didn't like the American characters very much. Sandman's nice, but Grinch and Truck might as well be one of those ramdomly generated NPC's. And, only 1 SAS mission? C'mon. So, yeah. The campaign was nice and all, but it's lacking a lot.

Score: 7.5/10. It's good, but underwhelming.


Well, it didn't change much. There's the new Strike Packages replacing killstreaks, and I find it nice. It's good because me and my clan take the time to make a plan before each match, so the new system makes it have some more variety. For example, me and a friend of mine are the supporters, so naturally we use Support. Then there's weapon ranks. It's a neat progression system for the weapons, and it makes the weapons level up along you. It's nice because now you really have to work it to get the best attachments, like Extended Mags. Also, I thank the Maker that CoD points and emblem editor are gone. Now, we actually need to have some skill to get the best attachments for weapons and I don't have to see a damned penis on everyone's emblems. However, too many recycled Titles from MW2. I hope the DLC brings some more new ones. But the maps aren't all good. The miss that "BAM!" that MW2's maps had. Sure there are the good ones (Underground being my favorite), but most are just average or bad all-around. Hope the map packs are good.

Score 8.5/10. It just needs some better maps and new titles.


This section of "Other" will cover Special Ops, and it's marvelous. Mission Mode brings a lot of fun, especially with another friend. Missions are more varied than MW2 and are damned fun. But what really shines is Survival. Damn, it's fun. It's a great way to know the multiplayer maps and have some fun at the same time. The way you get equipment also makes it very tense, because you're bound to run out of funds sometime. It's really fun. Too bad the progression system isn't really so nice. Oh, and I see no problem with it supporting only 2 players. It makes a lot better. I simply can't imagine it with more players.

Score 9.5/10. Just great.


This will sum all of the scores and divide it by 3.

So, overall:


A really great game.

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