Hai everyone. So, I'm doing another review, this time for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.


Modern Warfare's campaign is great. It tells a great story and has great levels. The characters are interesting and all have nice personalities. Now, to elaborate: The storyline's great and full of unpredictable moments. For example, I never expected that bomb to go off. I was already ready for the heroic escape of the Marines and then, BOOM, the whole team's dead. The level design is great. From the action filled moments of War Pig to the quiet and stealth of All Ghillied Up, it's all a great ride, and to boot that up, we get several memorable characters. We have the badassery of Price and Vasquez to the humor of Gaz and MacMillan. It's very replayable, as you'll probably wanna be back for some more. I guess the only shortcoming is the lenght (pun intended, that is, if you get it), which is very short.

Score: 9.5 - Wonderful


Modern Warfare, by 2007, probably had one of the best looks of gaming and even today it still has some graphical power. Enviroments are beautiful and lighting effect are impressive. Characters models look great and they're very well animated. Weapons look good, but the third person models aren't as good. There are a few graphical glitches here and there, but there is no texture pop-in and it loads almost immediately. This is a beautiful game, period.

Score: 9.0 - Great


Modern Warfare, even today, still delivers the best multiplayer experience of the entire series. Maps are great, with remarkable maps such as Ambush still being great to play in. Weapons are perfectly balanced, and I'm still trying to find an overpowered or underpowered weapon here. Perks, too, are very well balanced, though it's a bit annoying to get killed by Martyrdom. The killstreaks are all nice and quite nicely balanced. The UAV, for example, could give a large edge over the enemy, but it only lasts for 30 seconds, while the Airstrike is powerful, but it would require the Radar to be accurate, otherwise you're likely to miss it. The Helicopter is very powerful and doesn't require the UAV, but it's easily brought down, even with shots. A great multiplayer, with great maps and near-perfectly balanced weapons and perks.

Score: 10 - Near-perfection


Voice acting is nicely done, and weapons sound terrific. The soundtrack is good, but I've seen better. Not much more to add here.

Score: 8.5 - Great


Other would have to cover Arcade mode. As the name suggests, it's an arcade mode of the campaign. It's fun, as you've got a limited number of lives, which provides a challenge at higher difficulties. You score points for kills and completing objectives, if I recall (not sure about the objective part) and for each kill in a rapid succession you get a killstreak, which increases the score you get for each kill for while, until you get a "Killstreak completed" message, which puts everything back normal, so to say. It's nice because it adds longevity to the campaign, but it grows stale, and you'll probably be back to multiplayer very quickly. It's nice for a while, but it just gets old quickly.

Score: 7.0 - Good


As before, I'll sum up the scores and divide 'em by 5.

Overall: 8.8 - Amazing

The next review will be for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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