/beginaudio: It's been a whole week since we've heard from Keegan. He said he'd take a recon team up to a Fed base and make sure we'd won, but... I just can't help but think that we're responsible for Logan. Rorke, he... he's trying hard. Just like Gabriel to keep a steady head. I warned Hesh not to pursue him alone. We'd track him down together, and this would all be over. Shame. *sigh* Well, I guess if you want something done right, do it yourself. /endaudio


/beginaudio: I always wondered what it would be like. How it would feel to lose someone. First Dad, now Logan... It's hard to keep up. We can't win like this. Not yet. I'll never forget that Logan saved my life. But Rorke's still alive. We need to change that. That damn train. /endaudio

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