This is a list of theories of what happened to Logan Walker after the events of The Ghost Killer. Feel free to add.

  • Logan somehow escaped the jungle and kills Rorke with a pointy stick or stolen gun.
  • Rorke is killed by the Recon Merrick sent in.
  • Hesh decides to help Logan and shoots Rorke in the head with a washed up gun.
  • Logan breaks one of Rorke's legs and snaps his neck.
  • Rorke dies of excaustion.
  • Rorke is killed by Keegan wearing a Federation uniform. (This seems likely as he disappeared after Sin City.)

There are mine.

I want to see your theories and thoughts. Maybe IW is screwing with us, and maybe not. We'll never know until Ghosts 2. Bolt out.

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