Ok, I want to state first that the compound bow is a novelty idea like the throwing knife, but I would enjoy seeing it as a weapon in the next CoD game. You would start off with 6 arrows (up to 12 in your quiver, which would replace your secondary) with the ability to pick them up. To make sure it doesn't have "infinite ammo" some of the arrows could break, like if they hit a really hard surface at close range. It would of course, be a one hit kill at any range, maybe have a little drop off at say... across-the-map on wasteland ranges. Pressing the LT would not only zoom in the weapon, but pull back the arrow. You would not be able to fire it from the hip. (Ever tried firing a bow from the hip? Doubt it went well...) But pressing the RT from the hip would instantly zoom in and fire, much like hip firing the thumper. It would be a primary weapon for balancing reasons. Scavenger would only let you pick up one arrow at a time And last but not least, it would clearly be a silent weapon, I.E. shooting it doesn't betray your location to the UAV. Because of the disadvantages, the bow would be able to snap to enemies like in campaign by pressing the aim-down button, with the possible exception for enemies with cold-blooded pro.


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