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Note: This is my opinion on the matter, and greatly agrees with SnD4Dummies' opinion. I have to thank him for informing me of the problem at hand, here. I'm serving as a sort of messenger and supporter with this blog post.

SitRep Pro will utterly ruin Search and Destroy for a lot of people in MW3. SitRep Pro brings the ability to use sound to take down enemies (commonly known as "soundwhoring"[1]) to a whole new level, an extent which is utterly unfair to people using Dead Silence.

First off, lets cover some basic terms of the past, in Modern Warfare 2.

Note: Ninja Pro and Dead Silence are essentially the same perk with a different name.

  • Ninja Pro of Modern Warfare 2, a tier 3 pro perk, had the ability to quiet the user's footsteps and other character movements. Ninja Pro quieted the user's movement audio by dividing it by 4, so that their sound level was at 25% in comparison to someone not using Ninja (100%).
  • SitRep Pro of Modern Warfare 2, a tier 3 pro perk, had the ability to amplify the enemy's footsteps and other character movements. SitRep Pro amplified the movement audio of non-Ninja Pro users by multiplying it by 4, so that their sound level was at 400% compared to someone not being heard through SitRep Pro (100%). SitRep Pro had no effect on Ninja users.

Next, we'll define similar terms of the present, in Modern Warfare 3.

  • Dead Silence of Modern Warfare 3, a tier 3 perk, will have the ability to quiet the user's footsteps and other character movements. It is inferred that volume levels and changes will be the same as Modern Warfare 2's.
  • SitRep Pro of Modern Warfare 3, a tier 3 pro perk, will have the ability to amplify the enemy's footsteps and other character movements. SitRep Pro will supposedly amplify the movement audio of non-Dead Silence users by multiplying it by 4 (400%). We know for sure that, unlike in Modern Warfare 2, SitRep Pro cancels out Dead Silence in such a way that a SitRep Pro user will hear a Dead Silence user's movements at 100% audio, or normal conditions.[2]

So, trailing off the last definition, why is this a problem? The idea that SitRep Pro cancels out Dead Silence is a scary one.

Dead Silence is useful to any type of player, but excels in helping the rusher in Search and Destroy: the rusher, in general, can run around the map freely, checking his corners and picking off enemies with little worry of being heard. Flanking enemies with Dead Silenced equipped can be a deadly combination, but nothing that would cause frustration, as it requires alertness and skill.

However, SitRep Pro is useful to quite the opposite: the camper of Search and Destroy. Not only will the camper be able to hear people without Dead Silence equipped from ridiculously far away, they will also be able to hear people with Dead Silence under normal conditions! The camper with SitRep Pro can hear everybody, and that is a huge problem. Camping is generally looked down upon in the Call of Duty community, but in Search and Destroy, the ability to hear everybody coming your way will be unbelievably overpowered. The camper will always have the advantage over the rusher, as the camper will hear the rusher 99% of the time before the rusher has any idea he is there.

As such, the person who runs around the map looking for kills will always be unfairly beaten by the person who waits in a corner with his sights up, waiting for his kills. One can't even act like that type of player doesn't exist, some may agree that that player is all too common in Black Ops...

Search and Destroy will no longer be a game of strategies and tactics for the camper: all he will have to do is lay down in a bush next to the bomb and wait to hear the footsteps! Once the footsteps come, he'll adjust his sights and easily grab a kill.

SitRep Pro coupled with Assassin Pro and a silenced UMP45 could become one of the deadliest camping classes, and surely one of the most frustrating to be killed by.

I can't understand why Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games may have made this change. I hope they just didn't think it through enough. I think they misunderstood the hate of Ghost in Black Ops for a hate of stealth. The community loves stealth, but that does not mean the community is full of campers sitting in corners. Lots of people, including myself, use Cold-Blooded or Ghost to flank the enemy. It's not so frustrating to be killed by someone who is running around undetectable - if they got behind you and took advantage of flanks and such to give them the upper hand in a gunfight, then they deserve the kill. Cover your back, hell, claymores are even resupply-able in Modern Warfare 2! What is frustrating is running around the map somewhat carefully, then being killed by the stealth clown sitting in the corner with his sights up.

One shouldn't have to check every corner of the map looking for stealth players with crazy hearing abilities. The rusher will be outmatched anyway, in MW3, in that the camper will already have his sights up, ready to kill whoever is creating the incoming footsteps.

Think about the people who have high quality headsets with their volume up on high. These people will always prevail in any gunfight, so it will be a disadvantage to move. "Hey, if there's a possibility someone on the other team can hear me 100%, then why should I even move?", people will say. Hell, I'd even say it. I have a headset, and if I had to crouch-walk the whole game just to keep myself quiet against a team of SitRep Pro users, I'd do it. Do you want your game to be like that, Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer? If it's a disadvantage to move, then people will camp. A LOT of people will camp, even when its their job to offend, or plant the bomb. Walking around in a 1v3 clutch against SitRep Pro is just as bad as running into the middle of the map shooting unsilenced weapons into the sky. Hearing is not a skill, its an ability all humans are born with.

Please, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer, do not make Search and Destroy a game of who can soundwhore better. Search and Destroy needs to be a game of who can use all of their strategies and tactics to win the game, NOT who can can use one of their 5 senses the best.

My proposal? I propose that the SitRep Pro ability is either taken out of Search and Destroy or nerfed greatly. Anyone else agree? I may start a petition on the matter.

Thanks for reading. Check out Fluxus of SnD4Dummies' video on the matter.

Lil diriz 77 (Talk) 00:34, October 22, 2011 (UTC)


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