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User blog:LockyRT/Black Ops 2 First DLC Leaked!


Black Ops 2 First DLC Leaked!

LockyRT December 30, 2012 User blog:LockyRT

Alright so I've just watched a video from MrDalekJD and the first Black Ops 2 DLC has been leaked. 

The first DLC A.K.A Revolution contains 4 multiplayer maps, 1 zombie map and an SMG it looks like.

The multiplayer maps are:

- Hydro

- Downhill

- Grino

- Mirage

The zombie map is called Die Rise. No not Der Riese but Die Rise. People have been getting these two mixed up. The name is very similar but it's 2 different maps. Not much is known about it yet, by the picture it looks like it's taken place while or after the Earth is being destroyed because buildings are being destroyed etc. etc. The zombies also look just a little bit different in their clothing. But that's about it from what I can see.

The pack also includes an SMG by the name Peacekeeper.

The DLC is set to arrive on January 29th to the XBOX

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