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    While this comes as no surprise to me, Infinity Ward has decided not to include Commando in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3, apparently realising that stabbing some one who is 3 metres away isn't exactly possible. I am completely on board with this--I can't count how many times some noob with Commando, Marathon and a Tac Knife has ran at me across a field and killed me before I could even get off a shot. However, I do suggest that the short knifing lunge be included, since knifing without one is near impossible unless your target is completely stationary, as Black Ops has shown us.

    I think Commando should be replaced with Overkill! Who's with me?!

    Source: Game Informer

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  • Lolzcrisps

    Since everyone seems to be doing these, I thought it might be a good way to start off my blog.

    So here are the weapons I'd like to see in the MW3, both from previous CoD games and some new weapons that could be included. Many of these weapons are the improved versions and replacements of older military weapons used in the other MW games.

    Primary Weapons

    • Assault Rifles:
      • HK416: Fully automatic with low recoil. Moderate damage.
      • FAMAS: 3 round burst. Low damage, but highly accurate with little recoil.
      • AK-74: Fully automatic with high power. Below average fire rate and high recoil.
      • SCAR-H: Fully automatic with high accuracy. Good power, but small magazines and low fire rate.
      • FAL: Single-fire with high damage and little recoil.
      • G36C: Fully auto…

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