Since everyone seems to be doing these, I thought it might be a good way to start off my blog.

So here are the weapons I'd like to see in the MW3, both from previous CoD games and some new weapons that could be included. Many of these weapons are the improved versions and replacements of older military weapons used in the other MW games.

Primary Weapons

  • Assault Rifles:
    • HK416: Fully automatic with low recoil. Moderate damage.
    • FAMAS: 3 round burst. Low damage, but highly accurate with little recoil.
    • AK-74: Fully automatic with high power. Below average fire rate and high recoil.
    • SCAR-H: Fully automatic with high accuracy. Good power, but small magazines and low fire rate.
    • FAL: Single-fire with high damage and little recoil.
    • G36C: Fully automatic with good power and accuracy.
    • ACR: Fully automatic with high accuracy and little recoil. Low damage.
    • M14: Single-fire with high accuracy and damage. Moderate recoil.
    • M16A4: 3 round burst. High accuracy and moderate damage.
  • Sub Machine Guns:
    • MP5: Automatic with good power. Accurate, but has decent recoil.
    • Vector: Automatic with high accuracy and fire rate. Low power.
    • UZI: Automatic with high fire rate. High recoil.
    • P90: Automatic with large magazines and low recoil. High fire rate.
    • UMP 45: Automatic with high power and good accuracy. Low fire rate.
  • Sniper Rifles:
    • M40A3: Bolt-action with low recoil. Low fire rate and low damage.
    • M82: Semi-automatic with high power. Incredible recoil.
    • XM2010: Bolt-action with high power. Low fire rate and high recoil.
    • M110: Semi-automatic with good power.
    • Dragunov: Semi-automatic with high power and fire rate.
  • (Please excuse the mess. Work in progress. xP )

US Forces:

  • Assualt Rifles: ACR, SCAR-H, M16A4, HK416
  • Sub Machine Guns: MP5, Vector
  • Sniper Rifles: XM2010, M82 (Barrett 50. Cal), M40A3
  • Shotguns: M1014, M870, AA-12
  • Light Machine Guns: M27, M249 SAW
  • Handguns: M9, M1911
  • Launchers: M203, FN40GL, AT4, M202, FIM-92, FGM-148, MGL


  • Assault Rifles: G36C, M16A4, HK416
  • Sub Machine Guns: MP5
  • Sniper Rifles: L96A2
  • Shotguns: M870
  • Light Machine Guns: M249 SAW
  • Handguns: M9, USP .45
  • Launchers: M203, FIM-92, FGM-148

Misc. Weapons:

  • Assault Rifles: AK-74, FAL, FAMAS, M14
  • Sub Machine Guns: UMP .45, P90, UZI
  • Sniper Rifles: Dragonuv
  • Shotguns: Beretta 682, SPAS-12, M1887
  • Light Machine Guns: RPK-74, L86 LSW
  • Handguns: Desert Eagle, .44 Magnum
  • Launchers: RPG-7, GP-25
  • Misc.: Riot Shield


  • Environmental: Your weapon reflects the conditions of the map you are playing in. For example, desert and industrial environments will cause your weapon to become dusty, etc.. (Constant)
  • Woodland: Various shades of green, tan, black.
  • Desert: Tan.
  • Arctic: White, light blue.
  • Digital: Grey and white marpat.
  • Jet Black: Jet black finish.
  • Spetsnaz: Grey, white, black, dark pink. ("Urban" from MW2)
  • Urban: Grey, black, faded blue.
  • Blue Tiger: Blue and black tiger stripes.
  • Red Tiger: Red and black tiger stripes.
  • Wasteland: Brown base, with black and faded orange blotches. (Similar to "Fall" from MW2, minus the yellow blotches.)
  • Classic: Replaces synthetic furniture with a wooden stock. (AK-74, FAL, M14, Dragunov, Beretta 682, M1887, M870, and RPK-74 only.)
  • Chrome: Silver chrome finish. (Pistols only.)
  • Gold: Gold plated, with black furniture.


  • Assault Rifles:
    • Shotgun: Under-mounted pump action shotgun, 5 round tube, low damage and range.
    • Red Dot Sight: Red dot for precise shots.
    • Suppressor: Reduced muzzle flash and recoil, no red dot on enemy radar when firing. Decreased range and damage.
    • ACOG Scope: Low power scope.
    • FMJ: Increased bullet penetration, decreased overall damage. (Can also penetrate Riot Shields.)
    • Grenade Launcher: Under-mounted single-shot grenade launcher. (30 Kills with Shotgun.)
    • Holographic Sight: Smaller reticle than RDS, clearer lense. (60 Kills with RDS.)
    • Heartbeat Sensor: Folding screen that shows nearby enemies. (60 Kills with Suppressor)
    • Thermal Scope: Enhanced zoom, enemies glow white hot. (30 Kills with ACOG Scope.)
    • Extended Magazines: Increases magazine size. (30 bullet penetration kills with FMJ.)
    • Marksman's Scope: Enhaced zoom, clearer lense. (Essentially the ACOG Scope, but with the zoom and reticle of a sniper rifle.) (50 Kills with ACOG Scope, 20 Kills with Thermal Scope, 50 Kills with Hologrpahic Sight, single-fire rifles only.)
  • Sub Machine Guns:
    • Rapid Fire: Increased fire rate.
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Suppressor
    • Foregrip: Reduced recoil.
    • ACOG Scope
    • FMJ
    • Akimbo: Two weapons, increased recoil and decreased accuracy. (30 Kills with Rapid Fire.)
    • Holographic Sight (60 Kills with RDS.)
    • Thermal Scope (30 Kills with ACOG.)
    • Extended Magazines (30 bullet penetration kills with FMJ.)
  • Sniper Rifles
    • Foregrip
    • Suppressor
    • ACOG Scope
    • FMJ
    • Bipod: Increased accuracy and reduced recoil while prone or supported. (40 Kills with Foregrip.)
    • Heartbeat Sensor (40 Kills with Suppressor.)
    • Thermal Scope (20 Kills with ACOG.)
    • Extended Magazines (20 Bullet Penetration kills with FMJ.)
  • Shotguns
    • Red Dot Sight
    • Suppressor
    • Foregrip
    • FMJ
    • Holographic Sight (40 Kills with RDS.)
    • Heartbeat Sensor (20 Kills with Suppressor.)
    • Solid Slugs: Increased range, eliminates spread, decreases damage at close range. (40 Kills with Foregrip.)
    • Extended Magazine (20 Bullet Penetration kills with FMJ.)

(To be continued...)

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