I know that I've been in an editing slump for the past two months or so, but I took a look at my files and Holy Jesus, there's a lot still there. Now I'm not asking for a full-on editing force, but I'd appreciate it if a few users helped out with the remaining images I've still got of Gunsmith attachments/camos. The easier personal stuff like the collectibles pages I can handle myself, but everything else is just a huge workload.

Of course none of these things are mandatory, but given the freedom that the BO3 Gunsmith gives you, I felt that it'd be a waste to not give as much detail as possible to all the attachment views and variants on all the guns, especially since BO3 gives you the tools to do so. 

It'd be a charm to have the images categorized upon arrival to save time and instant uploads. Same goes with the achievement images, which are much easier to upload, but still a first-world problem for me to go from page-to-page.

Like I said, we could live without it, but I'd love to see everything maxed out to its fullest potential, rather than have an attachment gallery for a sniper rifle with only three picure
NX ShadowClaw Reflex ADS BO3
s and a permanent "stub" marker on it. 

I've already complied a list of attachments that can only be screenshotted from the first-person view. The method is to go into the Theater mode and turn off the HUD, for those who want to know. Final results usually come out like the picture to your right.

If anyone wants to help with the final uploads, just leave a message on my talk page.

Besides, anyone who browses this wikia on a regular basis already knows that I'm gonna be back in business with the pics when Infinite Warfare starts its coverage.

Anyways, cheers.

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