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What are the most OVERUSED perks in Modern Warfare 2 Online?

Truthfully, since the new Resurgence DLC came out for PS3 and PC (not sure about XBOX 360), I've seen a lot of players using the same perks no matter what game I join. Even if i join a Mercenary Deathmatch game, where I know there are no parties. The main perks I've seen are

Perk 1:Marathon,Scavenger

Perk 2:Stopping Power(No.1 I've seen)

Perk 3:Commando,Ninja, Steady Aim

IT'S CRAZY!!!!! Guns that should kill in multiple shots(even with Stopping Power and/or Steady Aim) are killing in 1-3 shots!!! This isn't in Hardcore mode either.

Let me know your opinions. Has this been happening to you? What perks have you seen? THANKS!!!!!!!

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