Well, the last blog, I'll admit, was a lot of bullshit. I wanted to make a long list, but I also wanted it to be a bit fun to read. Also, many of you didn't really get my points. But I really don't like this game. It's overhyped and overpriced. In this blog, I shall give the points that really matter. Think of this as a serious, less picky list with things that actually matter (I'll admit, I don't really mind the Russians using the AK47, even though it's ugly as shit IMO)

  1. The lag compensation ruins a lot of the experience because of being insta-killed, shot around corners and basically being behind the other players in the lobby.
  2. The single player campaign is decent. Atleast the TF141 campaign. The Delta Force campaign, however, is cliche in that again, the Americans have to save the day and play like they're the heros.
  3. The poor ending of the Russo-American war, I was hoping to get a real war and defeat Russia, not a peace conference in Hamburg
  4. Sandman and Truck (especially Truck) are pretty boring compared to characters in the other campaign. They die in the end, but I couldn't give a fuck
  5. Some guns have no place in the game like the FAD or PM-9
  6. The graphics aren't really improved over MW2. I know graphics don't matter (I'm a wii gamer) but it was a dissapointment nonetheless.
  7. The colors are all gray and yellowish, making the look and feel of the game dark and depressing.
  8. The maps are very bland and have a poor layout compared to maps from MW2 and even Black Ops.
  9. The support strike package makes getting a high streak easy. I wouldn't mind it if it would only be non-lethal support streaks, but the Stealth bomber and remote Sentry are simply meant for kills.
  10. They promised us CoD4 style gun on gun action, but the game is still full of poorly balanced killstreaks.
  11. The killstreaks are poorly balanced. The Reaper is a very good killstreak, maybe even better than the AC-130. The Strafe Run, however, is weak and will only get you around 1-2 kills if any. But both are a 9 killstreak. And the attack helicopter seems to have the killing power of a fucking pavelow, the lack of armor doesn't matter because no one uses bullets against choppers.
    Too damn much

    My take on assasin

  12. Machine Pistols, again, have the same hipfire accuracy when Akimbo as without it. EDIT: I learned that they have very similar but not the same hipfire. Still, it's a bit too accurate IMO
  13. LMG's are useless without quickdraw because of very slow ADS time in a fast paced game, limiting their effectiveness insupport roles were Blast Shield or Hardline would be more useful.
  14. You get your pointstreaks in KC by kills and not by confirming them, so a lot of people don't pick them up.

  15. Robert Boling said "No last stand". Instead we got Final Stand and Dead man's hand, which are worse

  16. The spawn system.
  17. Let's not forget the lack of innovation compared to MW2.
  18. The Image next to this line says enough, don't you think? We need a perk that protects against the UAV, but protecting against the Counter UAV, EMP, heartbeat sensor, thermal scope and portable radar is just Too fucking much
  19. Average game of MW3: 20 seconds after the start; "Enemy UAV spotted" "Enemy UAV spotted" *predator crashes somewhere* "Enemy UAV spotted" *IMS goes off* "Enemy Care package incoming" "Enemy Cobra/Hind incoming" *predator crashes* *predator crashes* *Stealth bomber flies over* "Enemy AGM spotted" *predator crashes* *IMS goed off* "Enemy UAV spotted" "The enemy is jamming our radar" "Enemy Advanced UAV incoming" "WEVE BEEN EMP'D! ELECTRONICS ARE DOWN!" *game ends*


And remember, I never said that Black Ops was perfect, just that I liked it better

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